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Espadin agaves (8 yrs old) are cooked using three different types of wood to achieve a complex, balanced flavour profile that works brilliantly in cocktails.

Ocho Plata Tequila, 50cl

Ocho 8 Plata is a limited edition silver tequila which is refreshing and clean on the nose. Cedar, mint and spice all come through and there’s a satisfying earthiness to this tequila and your taste. Pepper and mint work in tandem to deliver hot and cool hits of flavour and they also work alongside the sweetness offered by agave and hints of raspberry. The finish lingers with those raspberry notes at the centre but still a whisper of that spicy pepper too.

Ocho Reposado Tequila, 50cl

Ocho reposado tequila is timed to precision to deliver the exacting flavour that its creators demand. Aged for exactly 8 weeks and 8 days, Ocho Reposado is made from 100% blue agave and has an aroma which is rich in vanilla and leads into a soft, delicate flavour that brings out sweet almond and vanilla notes with a little cinnamon spice. Vegetal notes come through in the flavour of red peppers and are teamed with citrus. It’s a vegetal tequila which is light, enjoyable and subtle to the end.

Olmeca Altos Reposado Tequila, 70cl

Olmeca Altos reposado spends a little longer being aged than other Olmeca tequilas, with 18 months in 200-litre white American ex-bourbon casks. It retains a super sweet and fresh flavour with its aroma packed full of bright fruitiness, notes of strawberry and cherry. The woody smokiness from the casks is apparent and is brought out even further when you take a sip. Slightly sweet honey comes through alongside the smokiness and the aftertaste is long, powerful and memorable.

Olmeca Altos Silver Tequila, 70cl

Olmeca Altos Plata has been described as the perfect choice for a margarita and its 100% agave content delivers a satisfying sweetness. on opening its white pepper, sea salt and vegetal notes which come through strongly, with agave in the background. This changes when you taste as the viscous feel on the palate is full of sweet agave, notes of lime, nutmeg, salt and hot white pepper. Balanced sweetness and spice are what makes this tequila worth trying.

Olmeca Reposado, 70cl

Olmeca Reposado spends six months waiting to be bottled and the ex-bourbon casks it rests imparts some real quality to its flavour. Fruit, sweet with a citric zing, Olmeca Reposado is silky smooth and easily drinkable. The sweeter flavours are combined cleverly with the smokiness and woody elements it gains through the maturation process and just a hint of black pepper to ensure the spice levels are balanced. Sip it or mix it, whatever suits you best.

Olmeca Silver Tequila, 70cl

Olmeca Blanca is a crystal clear tequila which teams together sweet agave with white pepper. its aroma also offers up mellow bay leaves, cloves and lilac in a floral bouquet which tempts you to taste. On tasting Olmeca Blanca is wonderfully dry and clean on the palate, the rich agave flavours coming through with spiced chilli, white pepper and freshly baked dough flavours following. It’s the white pepper than lingers and tingles on the tongue.

Patron Anejo Tequila, 70cl

Patron Anejo is treated with the same delicate nurturing process as a good wine. Uniquely aged tequilas are wonderfully blended together and each individual tequila is matured in its own small white oak barrel before combining. It has warm amber tones and a woody aroma with notes of raisins and vanilla. The flavour is smooth and sweet on the palate with the woody and vanilla notes coming together strongly and a hint of sweet honey coming in. The smoothness of this tequila makes it perfect for mixing and creating cocktails.

Patron Platinum Tequila, 70cl

One of the premium offerings from the famous Patron Tequila distillery, gran patron platinum uses the finest blue agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco. Triple distilled and then rested for a short time in oak tanks, Gran Patron Platinum is wonderfully smooth and full-bodied. The nose is full of that fresh agave teamed with citrus and fresh fruit and the flavour follows suit with the agave taking centre stage, citrus and fruit following on. Its finish is long and spiced with white pepper.

Patron Reposado Tequila, 70cl

The third of patrons triumvirate of exceptional tequilas, patron reposado has a complex and distinctive flavour profile. Smooth from the first sip, you can taste the smokiness of the oak used in the maturation process and light fresh agave also comes through quickly. As the flavour builds you’ll enjoy notes of citrus and smooth honey, leading to a sweet and short aftertaste of honeyed vanilla and citrus zest.

Patron Silver Tequila, 70cl

Young and sprightly, Patron Silver is the youngest of their tequilas and its flavour reflects its youth. Clear in colour and rich with fruity aromas, particularly citrus, Patron Silver is refreshing and has a smooth sweetness about it. Soft and light the flavour is peppered with hints of citrus with natural agave taking centre stage. Light peppery notes hit on the finish adding some welcome bite to the endnote.

Patron XO Café, 70cl

It’s not every day you’ll enjoy the depths of flavour that Patron Xo Café offers, bringing together the sweet sharpness of tequila and the bitter, depth of coffee. Made from natural coffee essence patron xo café is thinner than you average liqueur and has an appetising flavour not dissimilar to tiramisu. There’s a stickiness about it which is warm in the mouth and brings together the drier notes of espresso and dark chocolate together in harmony. Use it to create a memorable dessert or heady cocktail.

Quiquiriqui Matatlan Mezcal Tequila, 70cl

A single region Joven (young) mezcal from quiquiriqui. This one comes from matatlan, a town with a lowland climate that produces a herbaceous, earthy and vegetal style of mezcal.

San Cosme Mezcal Tequila, 70cl

San Cosme Mezcal is a stylish example of a traditional mezcal which has an extremely rich flavour, due to its non-chill filtration process. Its aroma lets you deep and earthy with a dry woody character and sweet roast agave notes. On first sip you’ll enjoy a viscous mouthfeel, the flavours coating it entirely and a burst of fruity freshness followed by a creamy caramel-like depth. A hint of spice supports those warm agave notes and there is a final smoky note which lingers pleasantly.

Tapatio Anejo Tequila, 50cl

Tapatio Anejo is a gorgeously smooth and drinkable tequila which simply begs to be tasted. truly authentic and handmade, Tapatio Anejo spends 18 months ageing before we can get our hands on it. The flavour is worth the wait as its packed full of spiciness and a welcome herbaceous depth which supports the key flavour of roasted agave. Team it simply with ice or with lime or add it to a classic tequila cocktail.

Tapatio Blanco Tequila, 50cl

Tapatio blanco is one of those choice silver tequilas that has an exceptional flavour which you’ll find hard to stop sipping. The pepperiness of this tequila is really up there with the best, apparent from a first opening in the nose where it’s combined with earthy hay and subtle herbal tones. The flavour too is awash with earthiness with the sweetness of agave paired naturally with cinnamon, charred vegetables and sharp hits of black pepper. The end is satisfyingly salty with that earthiness remaining.

Tapatio Reposado Tequila, 50cl

This delicious and moreish tequila has a rounded flavour that isn’t lacking in spice. Tapatio Reposado is robust without being overwhelming and mellow agave is supported by more prominent notes of sharp green apple and a trademark pepperiness this brand is known for. As it coats the palate a creamier depth becomes apparent, with notes of sweet caramel and chocolate tempering the hot pepperiness. Remnants of the ageing process are apparent until the end, with wood smoke lingering on.

Tequila Rose Strawberry, 70cl

An exceptional balance of two tantalising flavours, tequila rose strawberry brings together beautiful strawberry cream with a zing of tequila. Real dairy cream ensures a smoothness to the drink and it blends harmoniously with the fresh strawberry flavour and the sharp, heat of the tequila. Wonderful when on its own or mixed into any number of eccentric cocktails, tequila rose strawberry is an enchanting addition to your drinks cabinet.

Vida Mezcal Del Maguey, 70cl

Del maguey Vida Mezcal is 100% organic and made by hand. This extra care and attention deliver a natural flavour, unblended and surprisingly complex. Smokiness and warmth comes through in this mezcal, with peppery notes mellowed by a caramel honey depth. It’s wonderful if you’re mixing or sipping and the aroma, heavy with fruity aromatics, will draw you in on first opening. The finish is long, soft, delicate and above all else, entices you to try another sip.

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