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paragon rue berry, 485ml

A sweet, aromatic cordial from Monin, made with Ethiopian rue – a product of the ruta chalepensis plant, found in tropical Africa. The palate offers notes of passion fruit, jasmine and hay.

paragon timur berry, 485ml

A fresh, citrus-forward cordial from Monin, made with Nepalese timur berries, which grow wild in Nepal's Mahabharat mountain range. The palate offers notes of grapefruit and wild herbs, with a delicate woody edge.

paragon white penja, 485ml

White Penja pepper is harvested when ripe in the province of Moungo (Cameroon) then dried in the sun. All the production stages (harvesting, retting, washing, drying, sorting) are entirely carried out by hand mainly by the experienced hands of the local village women. Penja Pepper has gained worldwide gastronomic reputation. In 2014 it became the first product of the African continent to obtain Protected Geographic Indication status (PGI). The volcanic soils of Penja give the white pepper its fresh aromas of menthol and camphor. Crack it roughly to release its long lasting flavour.

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