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Our Chairman

At the head of Venus is Laki Christoforou, our Chairman. He personally ensures we offer a tailored service and together with our friendly staff, many of whom have been with us since 1975, have the knowledge to help you choose the right products for your business.


Management Team

Laki Christoforou

Michelle Dorey

The London Sales Team

Anthony Auguin

Nick Demitriades

David Piazzani

Andy Mammoulos

Ricky Michaels

Elena Pasqualato

Jennifer Yates

David Probert

Matthew Sutton

Our Telesales Team

Aaron Sen

Jacqueline Dacosta

Simona Dominteanu

Michele Vannoni

Luke Joannides

Maria Alba

Sotira Louca

Tessa Paraskeva

Paula Porter

Amy Spicer

Our Logistics Team

Nigel Thomson

Chris Yiannis


The Leeds Team

Sam Armytage

Jamie Tyler

Jimmy Walshaw

David Baxter

Vassos Vronti