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Aqua Riva Agave Nectar Syrup, 250gr

A delicious organic syrup made from the agave plant (the main ingredient of tequila). this syrup is an excellent sugar alternative and is kosher certified and 100% gluten-free.

Aqua Riva Agave Nectar Syrup, 6Kg

AquaRiva Organic Agave Syrup is made using 100% Blue Agave plants, containing 30% fewer calories than sugar. With a neutral flavour.

Biona Organic Agave, 250ml

Sweet and mild, biona organic agave syrup has been squeezed from growing agave plants in Mexico. It’s a fantastically sweet and sugary addition to your cocktails and a simple squeeze can be enough to add sweetness to a sour or bitter cocktail, or lighten up a heavier concoction. The experienced mixologist loves to experiment with different flavours and this natural agave syrup gives you further scope to refine your creations.

Bristol Syrup Company Raspberry, 75cl

Bristol Syrup Company Raspberry has the complexity and bright fresh acidity that you’d expect from fresh raspberries.

Bristol Syrup Company Vanilla, 75cl

Bristol Syrup Company Vanilla syrup is smooth and indulgent with natural floral notes. Vanilla is a classic and delicate flavour derived from vanilla orchids. Real vanilla is used to give this syrup a delicious, authentic flavour.

Bristol Syrup Company Cherry & Vanilla, 75cl

Sweet and fruity, a classic combination that makes many great cocktails. This syrup is rich and deep with ripe black cherry notes rounded out with the flavour of floral sweet vanilla.

Bristol Syrup Company Coconut, 75cl

Coconut is a combination of sweet, juicy coconut flesh and the salty minerality of fresh coconut water.

Bristol Syrup Company Demerara, 75cl

Bristol Syrup Company Demerara is made with real Barbados sugar and adds depth and complexity as well as sweetness.

Bristol Syrup Company Elderflower, 75cl

Bristol Syrup Elderflower Syrup is super floral, with slight lemon citrus and a hint of grapefruit zest.

Bristol Syrup Company Grenadine, 75cl

BSC Grenadine is an absolute speed rail staple, with bold fruit flavours and a touch of orange flower for brightness.

Bristol Syrup Company Orgeat, 75cl

Coconut is a combination of sweet, juicy coconut flesh and the salty minerality of fresh coconut water.

Bristol Syrup Company Passionfruit, 75cl

Bristol Syrup Passionfruit has a deep hit of real fruit and a good balance of acidity to give an authentic ripe passionfruit taste to cocktails.

Bristol Syrup Company Pineapple & Coconut, 75cl

Sweet pineapple is complemented and mellowed by tropical coconut. This exotic flavour combination is best suited to its natural bedfellow rum.

Bristol Syrup Company Strawberry Shrub, 75cl

Bristol Syrup Company Strawberry Shrub balances juicy, jammy strawberry with cider and apple balsamic vinegar and a hint of black pepper to create a deep complex flavour.

Coco Lopez Coconut Cream, 425ml

Developed in Puerto Rico by agricultural professor Ramón López Irizarry in a small laboratory, Coco Lopez coconut cream was the original coconut cream used in the pina colada cocktail.


Whether it's a classic mojito or dark rum drink that needs that extra hit citrus.


Sweet and fragrant it captures the pureé essence of the strawberry.


Fantastic Puree that can be used in cocktails and dessert.

Funkin bramble, 1LTR

Our Funkin Bramble is made using the finest handpicked blackberries, zesty lemons, and the perfect level of sweetness. A delicious modern classic.


No Lemons have been harmed in the making of this Funkin puree, but they have been squeezed within an inch of their lives to create the tart, refreshing flavour of this cocktail puree, Funkin lemon puree pour puree is made from the finest Sicilian lemons and you can simply open and pour the soft drink/mixer/mixer into your drinks to add the fresh and zesty flavour which lingers and freshens up and drink.




This pureé provides the perfect blend of sweetness and acid and a rounded juicy taste to your cocktails.


Green Apple Puree to add flavour to cocktails or food.


With lychees genuinely sourced in China and shipped back to Funkin Hq you can be sure of the authenticity of their Funkin Lychee puree, aromatic and exotic, lychee puree is a top choice for fruity oriental cocktails as well as those that need a fresh kick to keep you drinking up. The natural sweetness of the lychee adds an unusual twist to many drinks and works wonderfully with both white and darker spirits. WITH LYCHEES GENUINELY SOURCED IN CHINA AND SHIPPED BACK TO FUNKIN HQ


For a taste of exotic, Funkin Mango puree will serve you well. Mangoes make their way to Funkin HQ all the way from India and Peru and the full freshness of the fruit is simply bursting to be added to your drinks. Tart and sweet all at the same, mango is a must for the Caribbean and tropically inspired cocktails, working wonderfully with the Caribbean favourite, rums, as well as all kinds of the other spirits. If you're looking to try something new, consider a mango collins.


Funkin is proud to call raspberry one of its signature flavours and soft, delicate fruit is wonderfully evoked in their 100% natural raspberry pureé. Raspberries are sources fresh throughout the year and the secret blend that Funkin use incorporates three different varieties of berries ensuring a flavour you'll find nowhere else. Team it with ginger and rum for a fiery mix or consider creating your own signature raspberry cosmopolitan.


Funkin White Peach Bellini soft drink/mixer/mixer is intensely flavourful and utilises the natural juiciness of both French and Italian peaches.


Funkin uses William Pear to capture the soft delicate flavour of the best juiciest and ripest pears.

Giffard Gomme Syrup, 1ltr

Sugar syrup with the addition of gum arabic. Adds sweetness and 'body' to cocktails of all descriptions.

Monin Apricot, 70cl

Monin apricot syrup will evoke memories of apricot jam sandwiches and summery picnics and once dashed into your drinks, you’ll enjoy the sweet natural taste of the fruit, livened up with a little acidity. Monin apricot syrup can add a twist to your exotic cocktails and it’s a flavour which naturally works when teamed with subtle yet recognisable tastes such as rose or vanilla. the fruit power of this syrup will allow you to give your cocktails a little something extra or alternatively mocktail punches, smoothies or even iced tea.

Monin Basil, 70cl

The most regal of herbs, basil is a distinct and vibrant flavour which is played with by only the bravest mixologists. If you’re looking to mix things up a little and add basil to your cocktails then the natural spiciness of monin basil syrup is your answer. Monin basil syrup has a strong scent of fresh basil leaves mixed with notes of pepper and it's strong flavour is ripe and memorable, ideal to offer a twist on your average mojito. monin basil syrup adds a bright, refreshing touch to your drinks.

Monin Blackberry, 70cl

Monin blackberry delivers a sweet, tangy, ripe blackberry flavour, perfect for creating the popular bramble cocktail or temptingly fruity chocolates, coffees, sodas or frozen cocktails.

Monin Blood Orange, 70cl

With its vibrant red-orange hues and blast of sweet citrus scent, Monin blood orange syrup is a modern twist on your traditional citrus flavours. alongside the gentle sweetness we all know and love from oranges, the blood orange is known for its sour and bitter notes as well as an aftertaste that suggests raspberries. Monin blood orange syrup adds a vibrant touch to your cocktails, punches and even as a last dash of something special to your favourite spirit and soft drink/mixer/mixer.

Monin Blue Curacao, 70cl

Blue curacao is one of the old-time flavours that has become a real classic in many cocktails. Vibrant blue in colour with a tangy yet refreshingly sweet orange taste, blue curacao Monin syrup offers the essence of the drink without the alcohol content. The dry peel of exotic green oranges is used to create the distinct candied flavour and it’s bright, exciting colour is perfect for cocktail parties.

Monin Blueberry, 70cl

Sharp and intensely satisfying blueberries are an exotic cocktail ingredient which is a little different to the norm. Monin Blueberry syrup gives you the chance to add a sharp tang to your favourite drink and with its wild and natural blueberry smell combined with the sweetest, natural blueberry juice flavour, you will experience a real hit of flavour with even the smallest dash. We recommend you pop a few drops into a classic collins or fragrant caipirinha.

Monin Bubble gum, 70cl

There’s nothing like a pop of pink to add some extra excitement to your cocktail. Monin bubble gum syrup brings back memories of childhood, those super-sized bubbles and the sweetness that came with them. The essence of that classic pink bubble gum flavour has been bottled and remains true in colour and taste, just the bubbles themselves are missing. Be daring, dash in a couple of drops and give your cocktails a little nostalgic kick.

Monin Cane Sugar, 70cl

A staple for all serious mixologists’ arsenal. Monin pure cane sugar syrup is the foundation of many classic cocktails and ensures an initial sweetness which can be built upon with other ingredients, flavours and spirits. 100% pure cane sugar and filtered water are combined to create this odourless essential and it adds a background sweetness to cocktails without the need for additional flavours or scents. Rather than crumbling in a sugar cube or two, consider a shot of syrup instead.

Monin Caramel, 70cl

Though many liqueurs and spirits come with additional flavourings now, nothing beats creating your own concoction and Monin caramel syrup allows you to add the authentic flavour of caramel to your creamier creations. Versatile and easy to add to whatever you’re making, it’s perfect for dessert-style cocktails such as mudslides as well as vodka shots with something a little extra. Monin caramel syrup has a strong burnt caramel smell followed by a similarly intense flavour.

Monin Cerise, 70cl

Rather than opting for spirits with cherries already infused, consider sticking with your favourite premium brands and popping in a tot of Monin cerise syrup. concentrating the intense power of the natural cherry, you’ll taste the ripeness and the fresh cherry flavour and they’ll linger on long beyond your final sip. A hint of cherry can be just what’s needed to take your cocktails to the next level and ensure that sharp yet sweet cherry flavour stands out.

Monin Choc Cookies, 70cl

If dessert cocktails are your speciality then you’ll want to consider adding this biscuit-inspired, moreish syrup to your arsenal. Monin Chocolate cookie syrup is a buttery, dark chocolate flavoured syrup which adds complexity to the flavour profile of your drinks and the dark chocolate bitterness is balanced against buttery caramels to ensure a sweet, satisfying taste. Dessert drinks which need a little lift will benefit from a shot of chocolate cookie syrup.

Monin Choc Dark, 70cl

We’re pretty sure death by chocolate can’t be such a bad thing and Monin dark chocolate syrup allows you to add a touch of cacao to your cocktails. With a strong, deep cocoa flavour and rich cacao liqueur taste, a shot of Monin dark chocolate syrup will add depth to your dessert-style cocktails. team a couple of dashes with a Hennessey or other fine cognac cocktail and you won’t be disappointed.

Monin Cinnamon, 70cl

Intense spice and a burning heat are what characterise this Monin syrup. Monin cinnamon syrup takes the essence of the aromatic yet spicy ingredient and turns it into a thick and enticing syrup which is perfect for adding into your cocktail creations. Notes of pepper follow the hearty cinnamon flavour and its ideal for adding depth to fruit cocktails, spice to chocolate and even a hint of something different to your liqueur coffees.

Monin Coconut, 70cl

A classic cocktail flavour which evokes images of the Caribbean and hours of sunshine, coconut is a delicate yet distinct taste which is a real favourite amongst mixologists. Monin coconut syrup offers an intense hit of coconut, allowing you to combine this exotic cocktail flavour with your choice of spirits and soft drink/mixer/mixers. Caribbean fruit punch simply isn’t the same without a smooth, long-lasting coconut aftertaste and the same goes for your favourite rum and coke.

Monin Cucumber, 70cl

An English summer day and a sense of royalty come to mind when you imbibe the taste of cucumber. light and fresh Monin cucumber syrup is juicy, subtle and can add a fantastic hit of freshness to your cocktails. Cucumber is a popular flavour for citric cocktails such as mojitos and gin coolers. A couple of dashes of Monin cucumber syrup will add much-needed freshness to your favourite summer drink and though the flavour is delicate, it is ever-present and lingers.

Monin Elderflower, 70cl

Often consumed as a cordial or a liqueur, both are crafted from the flowers of the elder or elderberry tree, commonly found in the English countryside. The English saying goes that summer is not here until the Elder is fully in flower and that it is at an end when the berries are ripe.

Monin Fraise, 70cl

One of the earliest creations from Monin, their fraise syrup has all the freshness of a harvest-ready strawberry bush. Sweet and powerful with that candy sweetness strawberry flavour is known for, Monin fraise syrup adds freshness and lingers with a sugary taste of jam. An essential for your creamy dessert cocktails and a wonderful alternative to flavoured vodkas and other spirits, Monin fraise syrup gives a refreshing twist to many of your favourite drinks.

Monin Framboise, 70cl

A soft and fragile fruit, the flavour of the raspberry is not something you can easily capture but Monin framboise syrup does it with aplomb. Sweet and capturing the whole essence of the fruit, the aroma of the ripe berries is your first experience of the fresh fruit flavour. The candied raspberry taste is the perfect accompaniment for many cream and dessert-style cocktails and can be just the thing to give extra depth to your favourite spirit and soft drink/mixer/mixer combo.

Monin Ginger, 70cl

There’s no better partner to your favourite rum than a hearty hit of ginger. Monin ginger syrup offers the natural, powerful taste and aroma of ginger roots, which is hot, spicy and rich. As well as working wonderfully with that special rum, it can spice up your liqueur coffee, be added as a last touch to an exotic cocktail or simply popped into a pint for a makeshift alcoholic ginger beer. The possibilities are endless and the flavour is memorable.

Monin Gingerbread, 70cl

Softer and more buttery than its classic ginger partner, Monin gingerbread syrup has a winter warmer feel about it. It’s subtle, soft ginger combined with cinnamon to recreate the classic gingerbread cookie taste, perfect for a spiced up alcoholic coffee or to add something different to a creamy cocktail. Gingerbread syrup is the perfect partner to coffee liqueurs and wonderful with rum if you’re looking for a subtler flavour than root ginger.

Monin Gomme, 70cl

A staple of the cocktail bar, Monin Gomme syrup is a rival of cane sugar syrup. It’s the base of many of those world-famous cocktails you try to emulate, adding a subtle sweetness to sours cocktails and bringing out the fruitiness in the exotic punch. Gomme syrup has mild notes of orange blossom but is odourless and serves to ensure you have a solid foundation for a wide range of different classic cocktails.

Monin Green Apple, 70cl

Appletinis for everyone! Monin green apple syrup is sharp and biting on the tongue. Aromas of the old favourite granny smith rise from any drink containing this syrup and the tartness are balanced perfectly with a juicy sweetness. Crisp and inviting, Monin green apple syrup adds vibrancy and exceptional sharpness to your refreshing white spirit cocktails and is not a flavour you’ll forget in a hurry.

Monin Green Mint, 70cl

French to the core, Monin green mint syrup is sharp, driven by peppermint and highly refreshing. Aromatic with that coolness that mint is known for the syrup is a perfect addition to a chocolate or caramel dessert cocktail or even a layered cocktail, where its deep emerald green is both eye-catching and packed with flavour. You may simply want to use it to create the classic French diabolo of lemonade, syrup and water.

Monin Hazelnut, 70cl

Known as a perfect partner to both coffee and chocolate, the sweet nutty goodness of the hazelnut is an undisputed favourite amongst the Monin range. Monin hazelnut syrup is a must for your drinks cabinet and whilst you may enjoy it popped into coffee and hot chocolate, it can also work well with milk-based cocktails, amaretto long drinks to add a sweet nutty depth to each drink. Monin hazelnut syrup also offers notes of almond and vanilla, making it even more enticing.

Monin Hibiscus, 70cl

Tasting the essence of Malaysia's national flower is not something you do every day but it’s a florally sweet and fruity flavour you should consider adding to your cocktail bar. Monin hibiscus syrup is a deep ruby red and notes of both cranberries and cherries run through the flavour, with an overwhelming floral tea edge, ideal for popping into exotic cocktails and punches that need something special to perk them up.

Monin Honey, 70cl

The sweetness of honey adds depth and dimension to drinks where simple cane sugar or gomme syrup just won’t do. There’s a warmth to Monin honey syrup and gentle floral honey notes which are both enticing and utilise the natural sweetness of real honey. Monin honey has been specially formulated to dissolve instantly into both hot and cold drinks and it can add a wonderful natural sweetness to whisky-based long drinks, dark rums and white spirits too.

Monin Jasmin, 70cl

Part of the enticing floral range of Monin syrups, Jasmin syrup has a deeply intense and aromatic flavour which evokes the buds of the night-blooming jasmine flower. With its cloudy hues and rich floral flavour, it lends itself to pretty, delicate cocktail combinations as well as those with an Asian twist. The flavour of jasmine is highly floral but just a couple of drops is enough to give your drinks the essence of this flavour.

Monin Kiwi, 70cl

The natural zing of the kiwi fruit is a powerful taste that can be used in many ways. Monin kiwi syrup is intense and vibrant, with the full flavour of ripe kiwis coming through. It’s a flavour which marries wonderfully with other refreshing fruits such as strawberries and melons so team it with your next daiquiri or considers a shot or two with your Midori-based cocktail. Monin kiwi syrup is an alternative to your limes and lemons but still has that sweet, fruity taste.

Monin Lavender, 70cl

Lavender has risen in popularity when it comes to both drinking and eating and Monin lavender syrup allows you to pop the essence of this intensely flavoured flower into your drinks. Luminous purple in colour it is great for creating a stand out the cocktail and the strong flavour matches wonderfully with chocolate and cream-based drinks. Give your martinis a fragrant twist or pop it into a premium vodka based long drink for an aromatic, refreshing twist.

Monin Lemongrass, 70cl

Lemongrass is a common ingredient in Southeast Asian cooking, but it is becoming more popular across cultures. it features an appealing citrus aroma without a strong citrus acidity. The taste is refreshing and light, with herbal notes.

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