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Angostura Aromatic Bitters, 200ml

Combining the same classic ingredients for nearly 200 years, angostura bitters are a key ingredient in many famous cocktails, often paired with gin and rum to great effect. Despite the name, its flavour is not bitter at all, with the strong aromatic flavour, powerful with gentian and spices. Many cocktails simply wouldn’t be the same without a dash or two of angostura bitters and it’s the complex herbaceous nature of the product which allows it to offer additional depth and dimension to cocktails.

Angostura Orange Bitters, 100ml

Go back in time to the downright dirty history of the American speakeasy and you’ll find angostura orange bitters in a huge number of different drinks. Rising to prominence during prohibition many classic cocktails simply aren't complete without a shot of Angostura orange. A classic example of bitters, one of the few that survived us prohibition, flavours of orange and geranium are most prominent followed by spicy cardamom and coriander. Shake into your martini, your manhattan or even a classic champagne cocktail.

Bitter Truth Blossom, 100ml

Aromas and flavors of lemon chiffon, floral honeycomb and some salinity with a supple, tangy, moderately sweet medium body and a breezy citrus pith and gentian, hibiscus tea, sarsaparilla, and lavender perfume and potpourri finish.

Bitter Truth Elderflower, 50cl

The elderflower liqueur has a rich and fruity nose and it's reminiscent of a dry sherry.

Bitter Truth Orange, 200ml

Warm and spicy, the bitter truth orange bitters have syrupy marmalade flavours which melt onto the tongue and add a real depth to a wide range of cocktails. The initial hit of orange is followed up by the spiciness expected from quality bitters, including notes of cardamom, caraway and a final hit of orange oil. Dash into your martini or mix in rum and whiskey cocktails, where the intense flavours of the spirit will be brought out even further.

Bitter Truth Orange Flower Water, 125ml

A virgin cocktail can still be as exotic and innovative as your regular ones. Non-alcohol orange flower water from the bitter truth is essential for fruity mocktails as well as adding a refreshing hit to white sparkling wines or champagnes. Natural orange blossoms provide its sweet yet delicate flavour and it adds a subtle citrus touch to any drinks flavour profile. It can even be used for flavouring light desserts such as meringues and mousses.

Fee Brothers Black Walnut, 150ml

A rich and nutty unique flavour, the perfect way to add a whole new twist to classic recipes.

Fee Brothers Celery, 150ml

Not quite one of your five a day but certainly something different for your drinks, fee brothers celery bitters is built upon a tradition of this odd-sounding cocktail ingredient. Celery bitters were popular in the 19th century and are now coming into their own, bringing retro back. Fee brothers celery bitters offer a bittersweet addition to your drinks, offering both herby undertones and a refreshing touch of vegetable goodness!

Fee Brothers Cherry, 150ml

A true cocktail classic, fee brothers cherry bitters add that distinctive, bittersweet dark cherry flavour for your concoctions. Cherry is one of the strongest fruit flavours there is and it has been a classic cocktail flavour since before us prohibition. Exceptional when teamed with whiskey and used in whiskey cocktails fee brothers has brought back a true classic of the cocktail making world. Just a quick dash or two will add a burst of flavour to your drinks.

Fee Brothers Grapefruit, 150ml

Combining the sweet and sour delicacy of the grapefruit with the classic herbaceous spice of bitters, fee brothers grapefruit bitters are a powerful weapon in the mixologist’s arsenal. Add a tangy citrus element to cocktail, jazz up margaritas and give sours cocktails something alternative to make them stand out. Fee brothers traditional production methods ensure a truly authentic bitters taste flavoured subtly with the zing of grapefruit.

Fee Brothers Lemon Bitters, 150ml

Raise the flavour profile of your favourite cocktail with a zing of fee brothers lemon bitters. Refreshing and sharp, a few shakes of fee brothers lemon can add an exciting dimension to your drinks. The lemon flavour is intense and created by a selection of natural lemon oils and lemongrass and its powerful sharpness makes it the perfect choice for sours cocktails and long drinks. The zestiness adds an additional dimension to your favourite drink.

Fee Brothers Orange, 150ml

You can’t sup a classic old-fashioned without a powerful hit of orange bitters. Fee Brothers orange bitters are zesty, powerful and use the finest oranges from the west indies. The modern trend for authentic classic cocktails means orange bitters have come back into fashion and fees brothers execution of their bitters make it a product you’ll be desperate to try. Pop a dash in your next Martini.

Fee Brothers Peach, 150ml

There’s more to peaches than just schnapps and fees brothers are showing us that here with their classically produced peach bitters. Pungent and aromatic, the natural peace flavour teams perfectly with the botanical bitters flavours. the exotic flavour lends itself to mai tais, teaming with rum and coconut-based drinks. Fee brothers peach bitters have been masterfully executed to balance the peach flavour, ensuring it is strong without overpowering.

Fee Brothers Plum, 150ml

Memories of the classic plum pudding dessert can be enjoyed in a long drink or cocktail with fee brothers plum bitters. A fruity combination of plums and spices, alongside the classic fee brothers bitters concoction, offers a deep and intense flavour which is perfectly paired with spicy dark rums. The warm flavours work wonderfully together to create a comforting and infinitely drinkable addition to any cocktail or soft drink/mixer.

Fee Brothers Rhubarb, 150ml

With a vaguely medicinal aroma and a delicate flavour, fee brothers rhubarb bitters is an unusual addition to your drinks cabinet. Using traditional flavours from the 1800s, fee brothers rhubarb has an authentic historical taste and there are many cocktails which have been switched up with a rhubarb theme. From rhubarb collins to rhubarb bellinis a shot of fragrant fee brothers can make all the difference.

Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel-Aged, 150ml

The taste of Tennessee is sweet, spicy and rich in fee brothers whiskey barrel-aged bitters. freshly emptied oak whiskey barrels, charred and soaked with quality whiskey are used to age and develop each batch of fees brothers bitters. The results in tingle on your tongue and brings together a strongly spiced, whiskey-scented drink which can be added to a wide range of cocktails and long drinks. Fee brothers whiskey barrel-aged bitters is their premium product.

Peychauds Bitters, 148ml

With its history in apothecary Peychaud's bitters have a strong authentic flavour which was originally dispensed as a medicinal tonic. Of course, the signature cocktail with Peychaud's is the sazerac but the subtle yet spicy flavour makes it a great choice for a wide range of cocktails from old fashioned to whiskey sours and the overriding flavour in each sip is aromatic cloves. Known as a great all-rounder Peychaud's can be mixed with virtually anything to create a complex flavour profile.

Regan's No6 Orange, 148ml

Try Regan’s no.6 orange bitters in your next cocktail. Their flavour is a magical addition to any cocktail that’s calling for bitters and the sharpness of the orange is what really helps it stand out from the crowd. Just a few drops of Regan's orange bitters can give life and body to your whiskey sours and it’s absolutely essential for a quality old fashioned. Zesty and sharp, just a drop or two of Regan's can make all the difference.

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