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Amontillado Napoleon Sherry, 50cl

Very smooth with a subdued salinity and acidity. fresh and but very accessible. medium dry with plenty of caramel flavours and nutty notes, as well as a background fruitiness.

Barbadillo Manzanilla Sherry, 75cl

Extraordinarily dry on the palate but with a smooth and harmonious finish. Subtle salinity and a lingering flavour.

Barbadillo Oloroso Sherry, 75cl

Medium dry Oloroso blend with fruity notes running throughout that is sure to go well with powerfully flavoured food like strong cheeses.

Barbadillo Pedro Ximenez Sherry, 75cl

Nuances of plums, raisins and chocolate on the nose. While the palate is unctuous and smooth with a lingering finish. A vigorous and well-balanced wine.

Cockburn's Fine Ruby Port, 75cl

The cheeky, punch-packing ripe fruit of this Fine Ruby Port makes it the perfect Port for everyday, informal occasions. It pairs perfectly with cheeses or chocolate cake. Once opened, it will stay fresh for up to six weeks, so you have plenty of time to enjoy.

Croft Pink Port, 50cl

Aromatic raspberry fruit aromas. The palate is full of deliciously ripe cherry and raspberry fruit flavours with lovely nuances of honey and grapefruit.

Duke of Clarence Madeira, 75cl

Blandy's Duke of clarence is fined and does not require decanting. It is a superb accompaniment to dessert dishes, especially fruit, cakes, chocolate puddings and soft cheeses. It has been bottled when ready for drinking and will keep for several months after opening.

Fonseca Bin No.27 Port, 75cl

Deep youthful ruby colour. Intense rich fruity nose crammed with pure blackberry, cassis, cherry and plum aromas interwoven with notes of spice.

Graham's 10 Year Old Tawny Port, 75cl

Deep tawny in colour. Complex nutty aromas, combined with hints of honey and figs. Rich, mature fruit flavours; beautifully mellowed; with a luscious, long finish. Occasions & Pairing: Perfect match with sweet desserts, such as apple pie with cinnamon or almond cake.

Graham's LBV Port, 75cl

Graham’s LBV has attractive liquorice and floral aromas, and fresh blackberry flavours. it also, like the six grapes, has hints of the native gum cistus plant, which grows around the vineyards in the Douro, imparting very subtle aromas of mint to the wine. Its rich concentration of ripe fruit is balanced by the added complexity of spices, all held together by superb structure and balance.

Grahams Malvedos, 37.5cl

Graham’s Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage Port has a black/purple colour. A lovely complex nose with excellent sweet and rich fruit aromas such as black cherry, blackcurrant and blackberry. On the palate packed with solid, structured, rich and intense black fruit flavours and an admirably long finish.

Graham's Malvedos, 75cl

Graham's 2004 Quinta dos Malvedos vintage port has a black/purple colour. A lovely complex nose with excellent sweet and rich fruit aromas such as black cherry, black currant and blackberry. On the palate, it is packed with solid, structured, rich and intense black fruit flavours and an admirably long finish.

Grahams Port 20yr, 75cl

Graham’s 20-Year-Old Tawny has an amber, golden tawny colour. On the nose, it shows an excellent bouquet with a characteristic ‘nutty’ character and delicious mature fruit with hints of orange peel, exquisitely mellowed by careful ageing. On the palate, it is rich, softly sweet and smooth, perfectly balanced, with a long and elegant finish.

Graham's Six Grapes Port, 75cl

Sweet dark plum and cherry flavours dominate, with chocolate notes. Clean and balanced throughout.

Graham's White Port, 75cl

Flavours of honey and nectar and its slightly richer amber hue. It has sweet citrus characteristics and maintains a good balance of freshness and delicacy.

Harvey's Bristol Cream Sherry, 75cl

Harveys bristol cream features flavours of roasted nuts and raisins, with a subtly spicy finish. it is usually served well chilled as an aperitif, as an after-dinner drink straight, or on the rocks with a wedge of lime or slice of orange. the ice lessens the viscosity and the citrus lowers the sweetness to create a refreshing drink.  as a dessert wine, serve with cheesecake, flan, bread pudding or creme brulee.

La Gitana Manzanilla Sherry, 75cl

Dry and refreshing, with apple, straw and nutty flavours all underscored by a salty tanginess. Lightweight and balanced, zesty and refreshing.

Pedro Ximenez Nectar Sherry, 75cl

Nectar shows an intense ebony colour with iodine tones and intense legs due to high sugar content. Rich aromas of raisins, figs and dates, accompanied by honey and syrup. Velvety and smooth on the palate with good acidity to alleviate sweetness. Long and flavourful finish.

Stones Ginger Wine, 70cl

Stone's original green ginger wine is still made to the same recipe by blending the finest quality raisins and pure ground ginger and is enjoyed in so many ways by millions of consumers each year. many enjoy stone's on its own or over ice, but it is most famously drunk as a 'whisky mac' when mixed with whisky. the warmth of stone's is a perfect complement to the smooth taste of the whisky. this perennial 'winter warmer' is the perfect way to relax on the long dark evenings.

Taylor’s 20 Year Old Tawny Port, 75cl

Intense amber tawny colour. Opulent and voluptuous nose of complex spicy, jammy and nutty aromas, hints of orange flower and a fine oakiness coming from the long period of ageing in cask. The palate is full of very rich and concentrated flavour and has a long mellow finish.

Taylor's 10 Year Old Tawny Port, 75cl

Rich and elegant nose combining aromas of ripe berry fruit with a delicate nuttiness and subtle mellow notes of chocolate, butterscotch and fine oak wood. Smooth and silky on the palate and full of ripe figgy, jammy flavours which persist on the long finish.

Taylors Fine Tawny, 75cl

Pale brick colour with broad amber rim. The mellow nose of succulent ripe berry fruit with aromas of butterscotch, figs and prunes interwoven with attractive nutty and spicy aromas. Smooth and round on the palate, full of rich strawberry jam flavours.

Taylor's LBV Port, 75cl

Deep ruby red colour, black Morello cherry on the nose, great vibrancy and wonderful freshness of the fruit. On the palate, cassis, plums and blackberry combine harmoniously with the well-integrated and tightly knit tannins. Long elegant finish.

Tio Pepe Sherry, 75cl

Uncompromisingly dry, refreshing and distinctive. Tio Pepe is the perfect partner for savoury nibbles, olives, fried fish, Spanish ham and of course tapas. Tio Pepe is best enjoyed within a year of bottling.

Warre's Otima 10 Year Old Tawny Port, 50cl

Otima 10 is a superb, light and beautifully balanced ten year old tawny port that is clearly different with a striking uLtra-modern package designed to appeal to a new, younger generation of port enthusiasts.

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