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Vida Mezcal Del Maguey, 70cl

Del maguey Vida Mezcal is 100% organic and made by hand. This extra care and attention deliver a natural flavour, unblended and surprisingly complex. Smokiness and warmth comes through in this mezcal, with peppery notes mellowed by a caramel honey depth. It’s wonderful if you’re mixing or sipping and the aroma, heavy with fruity aromatics, will draw you in on first opening. The finish is long, soft, delicate and above all else, entices you to try another sip.


Villa Ascenti Gin is truly unique, offering smoothness, vibrancy and ultimate freshness. Distilled with only natural, 100% Italian ingredients. Our heart is made using signature distillates and botanicals from Piemonte. Mint and thyme are vibrant and refreshing on the nose, as is the spice from Tuscan Juniper berries. A hint of Moscato grapes is present in the aroma, but its true impact comes to life on the palate. Enhanced through copper pot distillation, the smooth, fruity flavour of this distillate rounds off zesty Juniper notes to create a velvety, slightly sweet gin. Each botanical and distillate has been carefully selected to create a harmonious gin with a long, fresh herbal finish.


Virtuous Vodka I san organic rye vodka, The Ginger flavour is created by adding fresh, organic ginger to the unfiltered Virtuous Vodka Blond. Its left to macerate being very gently filtered. The result is a spicy and intense flavour.

Waqar Pisco, 70cl

A premium Chilean pisco from the Camposano family, now on to their fifth generation in the business. Waqar is made using muscat wine and is distilled in small batches to produce a natural and aromatic pisco.

Warner Edwards Dry Gin, 70cl

One of the best sipping gins you’ll find, the smooth flavour of warner edwards Harrington dry gin lends itself to a slice of lemon and a little crushed ice. ingredients home-grown in farms in England and wales deliver a dry and lightly aromatic gin, with toffee and vanilla notes coming through first. Sharpness from the spicy botanicals come through when sipping but they are soon complemented by sweet ginger and aromatic juniper. Versatile as well as simple, warner edwards harrington dry works wonderfully in any number of cocktails.

Warner Edwards Elderflower Gin, 70cl

Warner Edwards exceptional gin has been in a new direction with the addition of summery elderflower. relax into your sunny afternoons with freshly elderflower infused gin, which works beautifully with your favourite tonic water, lemon or lime and the wonderful essence of harrington dry gin. Warner Edwards use only home-grown elderflower, from wales and England to create this summer aperitif that is massively satisfying, refreshing and light. The hardest question will be whether you choose lime or lemon to complement the flavours.

Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin, 70cl

The queen victoria rhubarb has gone from queen victoria’s buckingham palace garden, in the 1800's, to being grown on crown estate property in the 2000's. the farm where it is now grown is a crown estate previously owned by the current grower, who farms it to this day. this rhubarb has always been grown in the traditional victorian kitchen garden style, having lots of organic matter to nourish it. it has not been grown commercially with artificial fertiliser and chemical sprays, so over the years the flavour can be greatly improved. we use ‘curiosity’ to soften the plant and then extract the juice through traditional pressing methods. the fabulous liquid is combined with our global award winning harrington dry gin and just enough sugar to balance the acidity. the resuLtr is a rumbustious gin with a big burst of rhubarb which is a glory on its own and beautiful with either tonic or ginger ale.

Westerhall No2 White Rum, 70cl

Westerhall No.2 has been double distilled and aged in plain oak casks for two years to achieve a smooth and mellow balance. The No.2 is a light rum with a sweet flavour that comes in at 37.5% ABV. The rum is diluted with the purist of Grenadian spring water before being charcoal filtered for absolute clarity.

Whistle Pig 10yr Whisky, 70cl

Distilled and initially aged in Canada, before years of further ageing at a whistle pig farm in Vermont, this is, as owner raj bhakta puts it, 'a Canadian-us collaboration to the core'.


Bright, zesty aromas head up a clean, citrus Gin. A sweet fruit burst of Sicilian Blood Oranges offers a smooth crisp taste of the Mediterranean sun.

Whitley Neil Quince Gin, 70cl

Made in england using persian herbs, boabab and turkish quince juice creates a gin dominated by quince flavour, with peach and stonefruit.

Whitley Neil Raspberry Gin, 70cl

An incredibly versatile gin. The Luscious raspberries found in Scotland are balanced with juniper notes and has a delicate perfect component to contemporary cocktails for every season and occasion sweetness which rounds this deliciously raspberry gin. A perfectly balanced gin with a delicate and fruity taste and a lasting citrus, raspberry flavour.

Whitley Neill, 70cl

An exceptional gin with African influences, Whitley Neill combines some fascinating flavours in their refined and balanced product. The traditional flavours of gin benefit from two additional African botanicals, the baobab fruit and the cape gooseberry. These flavours combine beautifully to offer a sweet, fruity twist to Whitley Neill gin. Tropical and exotic, this gin still leads with classic juniper but the new flavours linger in a refreshing end note.


A true Cucumber flavoured gin from Whitley Neill that is trusted in delivering the real flavours of Aloe and Cucumber.


A Luxurious handcrafted gin of exceptional quality with bright vibrant flavours of juniper, herbaceous and floral notes from the Violet. Perfect for sipping over ice and pairing with cocktails and long drinks.

Whitley Rhubarb Vodka, 70cl

Delicate and slightly vegetal with a hint of tart rhubarb

Wild Turkey 101 Whisky, 70cl

Wild turkey 101 has been aged for eight years at a much higher proof than they’re traditional bourbon. This delivers a more intense, alcohol-heavy nose but also a deeper, more complex flavour. You wouldn’t know it from the nose as it’s light and unassuming but once you sip you’ll taste the depth of sweetness within this bourbon alongside the toasty alcohol burn. Pepper, caramel and honey are stand out flavours in this intense bourbon and it’s certainly one to remember.

Wild Turkey 81 Whisky, 70cl

The character of Kentucky is strong in this one, wild turkey’s deep amber hues owe their colouring to the heaviest charred oak barrels around. The barrels are newer than your traditional bourbon style and result in the flavour of wild turkey being stronger and encapsulated in the barrels, without any flavour being cooked out. Warm hues and a warming flavour, the wild turkey is exceptionally smooth and satisfying, the flavours a little subdued but butterscotch coming through in the end. Rich and indulgent, wild turkey stands out amongst other bourbons.

Wild Turkey American Honey Whisky, 70cl

The legendary flavour of wild turkey bourbon has been brought out in a new and exciting style with the addition of the sweetest honey. The smoothness is even silkier than before if you can believe it and though we recommend drinking it neat, you could pop it into a creative cocktail. The caramel depth of the traditional bourbon flavour blend together with the rich honey creating a truly delightful warmth and this is further enhanced by bright floral notes and oaky spice.

Wild Turkey Longbranch,

A full-bodied and balanced bourbon, at once fresh, sweet and smoky, with a rich and rounded mouthfeel, Longbranch is a collaborative effort between Wild Turkey Master Distiller Eddie Russell and the brand's Creative Director – award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey. Longbranch has been refined using charcoal from both Kentucky white oak and Texan mesquite in a nod to both men home states.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Whisky, 70cl

Wild turkey rare breed is an exceptionally enjoyable, stand-out bourbon which brings together a range of flavours. Blending together 6, 8 and 12-year-old bourbons creates an intensity of flavour you won’t forget and it’s a wonderful bourbon to serve on ice or chilled. Classic toffee notes open the drink and orange come through too with vanilla striking intensely as you take that second sip. Spiced oak and bitter chocolate partner each other wonderfully to create the body of the flavour and draw out a long and satisfying finish.


Named after the Dutch 16th-century artic explorer, Willem Barentsz using authentic techniques combined with new contemporary flavour infusions. Carefully crafted in small batches in London, Willem Barentsz combines wheat sourced from the UK and rye grains from Central Europe. Botanical that include orange peel and almonds from Spain, liquorice and cassia bark from Asia, the finest juniper berries from Macedonia and our signature botanical, exotic jasmine flowers from China.

Woodford Reserve Mc White Corn Whisky, 70cl

There are notes of honey and spice, leather, a touch of cocoa, and a little smoke, toasty oak and vanilla cream with a hint of butterscotch. The palate is full. There are notes of espresso beans, winter spices, cereal sweetness, plenty of rye, ground ginger, almond oil, toasted oak and a little rum. The finish is long and mature with notes of cereals and toasty oaken spice.

Woodford Reserve Whisky, 70cl

Woodford reserve is a very specific combination of corn, rye and malt creating a cereal-rich flavour. It’s unusual as it's triple distilled and matured for six years, creating a smooth yet punchy flavour which is perfect for bringing out the best in your next old-fashioned cocktail. Thick and creamy both in aroma and taste, notes of honey, deep spice, fresh leather and cocoa come together to create a flavour you won’t be able to forget. Toast oak spice is your main reminder of the drink when you finish.

Wood's 100 Navy, 70cl

A classic demerara navy style rum produced in guyana, wood’s 100 blends together a range of young rums. both pot still and continuously distilled rums make their way into the mix and it’s a distinct flavour that’s often used in tiki-style cocktails. prunes, caramel and sweet toffee are the first aromas released on opening and they’re soon joined by nutmeg and cinnamon spiciness. dark chocolate and fudge come through but the spiciness is the flavour that endures.

Wray & Nephew Over Proof, 70cl

Not for the faint-hearted wray & nephew overproof is one of jamaica’s finest spirits and packs a punch as soon as you open the bottle. a jamaican legend, wray & nephew is essential for a classic caribbean mai tai and it’s also the secret ingredient which many cocktail masters use to finish their drinks with a flourish. crystal clear and powerfully sharp on the tongue wray & nephew overproof is one of jamaica’s finest exports and is perfectly paired with tropical fruit juice cocktails.

Wyborowa Vodka, 70cl

Clean polish vodka that holds its own. Bread and butter with dried apple and lemon zest on entry. crushed grains then take over with deep spicy overtones. The mouthfeel is medium-bodied and the finish is both flinty and pepper driven. This is really very good for the price and remains a favourite of the polish, who seem to drink cauldrons of it every weekend.

XOriguer, 70cl

A spanish gin that is one of only two gins in the world with its own EU designation of origin, Xorigeur is based on an 18th century recipe and was popular with the sailors at that time. The green handled bottle makes it stand out from the crowd but it’s the perfumed flavour and orange-rich character which really make this gin sing. A grape alcohol base gives it a juicy flavour which is peppered with bright herbaceous and spicy notes. Fresh, almost menthol juniper ends each sip, lingering as a quenching aftertaste.

Yamazaki 12yr Whisky, 70cl

Yamazaki 12-year-old is probably the most famous Japanese whisky there is. an exceptional single malt, it was one of the first seriously marketed offerings from japan to reach the rest of the world. Intensely enjoyable and rich with nut oils and citrus zest, Yamazaki 12-year-old is smooth in the mouth with biting winter spice providing that classic whisky flavour, with the fruity notes ensuring a rounded finish. A must for first-time Japanese whisky drinkers.

Zacapa 23yr, 70cl

Guatemalan ron zacapa rum includes a wide range of exceptional flavours which work together in perfect harmony. zacapa black label is a 23 year aged rum and its nose is rich with banana, maraschino cherry, caramelised fruit and roasted chestnuts. these flavours then come through strongly when you sip, combined with sweet molasses and smoky wood. hints at chilli chocolate lead into a long finish, deep with toasted nuts and spices.

Zacapa Centenario XO, 70cl

A truly exceptional guatamalan rum, zacapa centenario xo is a premium offering which doesn’t disappoint when it comes to flavour. beautifully delicate, the flavour of zacapa centenario xo is matured in a mix of bourbon and sherry casks which together deliver a flavour which is exceptionally sweet and sugary, without being sickly. the softness on the palate of this mature rum is surprising and very welcome, with only a hint of smoke coming through in the finish.

Zubrowka Vodka, 70cl

Excellent and original grass and herb driven vodka. Opens up with freshly mowed grass and green apple notes. These move through into deep yet balanced and complexed herbal notes followed by waves of hay and green apple. The finish is grassy, clean and almost refreshing with a soft lime and herb bite that fades into apples. Best served from the fridge and tastes fantastic with freshly pressed apple juice.

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