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Havana Club 3yr Rum, 70cl

The leader of the Havana club pack, this young and bright rum is the most recognisable of all their products and despite its light hues, it has all the flavour of a quality golden rum. Faintly herbal notes are the first indicator that the bottle is open and they’re swiftly followed by fudge and then a welcome floral scent. The flavour itself is sweet with muscovado sugar notes and tropical pineapple keeps things light alongside peppery black spice and just a hint of oak. A distinctive herbal-inspired rum.

Havana Club 7yr Rum, 70cl

A young Havana club offering, this 7-year-old Cuban rum gets its amber hues from the bourbon casks it’s matured in. The aroma is reminiscent of first thing in the morning, rich in roasted coffee with vanilla and gingerbread coming through too. Vanilla fudge is the prominent flavour when you take a sip and it’s soon paired with sweet dairy chocolate, fruit trifle and woody oak notes. The ends result is a warm, rounded rum which is wonderful when mixed with ginger or lime or both!

Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros Rum, 70cl

Havana club selección de maestros is a uniquely created triple barrel-aged rum which has a distinctive red glow. Toasted pecans and deep spices fill the nose and this woody character continues in the mouthfeel. Round and buoyant the palate is tantalised and teased by the zesty candied sweetness this rum offers yet tempered by warming toffee, tobacco and mild brown spices. A balanced flavour which allows the intensity of oak to help build its unique profile.

Havana Especial Anejo Rum, 70cl

Havana Club is one of Cuba's crowning glories and Havana club especial Anejo is a warm golden rum which is an absolute essential for the perfect Cuba libre. Woodiness from the maturation process is present in every sip and deep notes of spice, citrus fresh orange and floral vivacity come through to add an additional face to the rum’s flavour profile. Rounded to the last drop, a truly classic Cuban rum.

Koko Kanu Rum, 70cl

Koko Kanu is named to pay homage to the Jamaican Arawak Indians and its flavour is light, fragrant and heavily inspired by the ever-popular coconut. This rich coconut flavoured rum has a sweetshop aroma and the baked flavour of the coconut macaroon comes through on tasting. Hints of icing sugar and cocoa build as the flavour’s complexity develops and it’s as the lingering finish ends that you get an enjoyable spicy hit.

Lamb's Navy Rum, 70cl

One of the top navy rums around, lamb’s is a well-known brand with a recognisable flavour. 18 rums are brought together and are distilled in pot stills to deliver maximum flavour. Maturation takes place in oak casks and this delivers a treacle-deep flavour, pungent in molasses, toffee and nutmeg. The flavour is fruity with Christmas cake notes and espresso coffee intensity. Mild clove spice ensures a traditional rum complexity to lamb’s, making it one of the most popular dark rums around.

Lamb's Spiced Rum, 70cl

Lamb’s Navy rum is already well known and its spiced variation is certainly enjoyable too. Mixing together Guyana, Jamaican, Trinidadian and Barbadian rums alongside natural botanicals and spices, lamb’s spiced rum is hot, bright and has a zesty tang. Your traditional vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg flavours are all there standing proud and are enhanced by toasted fruit notes and hints of lavender. Rounded and creamy, the intense spice ensures this lamb’s offering is memorable.

Morgan's Spiced Rum, 70cl

Blended to perfection, Captain Morgan’s is a golden rum which has been enhanced by sweet and mellow spices. a drink that just cries out to be mixed with cola, Captain Morgan’s uses only premium Caribbean rums to create its distinct flavour. The natural hues of the rum blend with specially selected spices to create the amber hues the drink is known for and a hint of oak smokiness can be tasted due to the rum’s maturation process.

Mount Gay Eclipse Rum, 70cl

Your ancestors may even have heard of this one, Mount Gay is one of the world’s oldest rums, dating back to the 18th century. Pure Barbadian spring water and sugar cane are blended to create the trademark flavour, the recipe still the same as when first created. Notes of apricot and banana burst from the bottle and there’s a subtle smokiness that comes from the Kentucky bourbon barrels the rum is aged in.

Myers Rum, 70cl

Myer’s Rum is one of those spirits which simply calls out from a soft drink/mixer/mixer. A brand that’s been around since 1879, Myer's rum brings together a blend of nine separate rums and is one of jamaica’s popular exports. On opening, you’ll be hit with an intense molasses-thick aroma, with stewed prunes, apples and butter toffee coming through. The flavour is less intense but the notes are all still there and are brought into their own once you add your other cocktail ingredients. Very sweet, Myers rum is perfectly paired with coke or ginger.

Old J Spiced Rum, 70cl

Exotic flavours are brought together in delicate harmony within each bottle of Old J. Old J is vibrant and notes of zesty Persian lime are blended beautifully with your traditional rum notes of vanilla and cinnamon. It’s a smooth and sweet rum-flavoured drink with a lower than average abv which makes it perfect for splashing over ice with a wedge of lime. Alternatively, you pop it in a cocktail and it’s those deep vanilla notes which linger.

Old J Tiki Fire Rum, 70cl

The high proof release of Admiral Vernon's old j spiced rum but keeping the same recipe of lime, sugar and spices. A welcome return to how spiced rum used to be.

Pampero Aniversario Rum, 70cl

Launched to commemorate the 25th anniversary of pampero, anniversary rum is produced for Venezuelan molasses and matured in a pungent ex-bourbon cask. As you open up the short, squat bottle you’ll enjoy treacle rich aromas with festive spice notes. The flavour is welcomingly sweet but rounded and spicy oak notes sit comfortably alongside dried fruit and nutmegs. Gingerbread coffee spice carries the drink through to the end with a satisfyingly warm finish.

Pampero Blanco Rum, 70cl

A fruity white rum produced in Venezuela, Pampero Blanco has been aged for two years (as a minimum) to ensure a deep and enjoyable flavour. It is a wonderfully mellow rum which is light on the palate and smooth in the mouth. A premium spirit which is a wonderful companion to many of your favourite soft drink/mixer/mixers, pampero Blanco always make sure it’s distinctive flavour is felt, even in the most complex cocktails.

Pink Pigeon Rum, 70cl

A rare spiced rum with a memorable name, the pink pigeon is not a drink you’ll forget in a hurry. One of Mauritius’ finer offerings, a bird native to isle is where it gets its name. Warming custard notes are released on opening the bottle and they’re soon followed by sweet icing sugar, buttery croissant and even strawberries. On drinking the sweetness remains and vanilla and nutmeg spice also come through, with a fieriness developing as you sip.

Plantation 3 Star Rum, 70cl

Plantation 3 Stars white rum 41.2% is the first white rum from a plantation. It's a blend of rums from Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica (which just so happen to be three of our favourite rum producing islands).

Plantation 5yr Rum, 70cl

A classic Barbadian rum, plantation 5-year-old benefits from ex-bourbon cask barrels and cognac barrels used in its maturation process. The flavour this delivers is unlike any other rum and gives its nose an intense leathery profile with spicy cinnamon and aromatic coconut too. On tasting Plantation 5 is surprisingly sweet with clear notes of molasses and that leathery depth from the scent. Salted butter and allspice add a distinguishing finish and ensure the fire remains strong to the last drop.

Plantation O.F.T.D. 69 Rum, 70cl

Overproof rum blended from distillation in Jamaica, Guyana and Barbados, rich clove and brown sugar with tropical fruit and smokey notes.

Plantation Pineapple Rum, 70cl

A tribute to the esteemed reverend stiggins whose favourite drink was the “pineapple rum” in The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens.

Pussers Blue Label Rum, 70cl

Blended accordingly to specifications set out by the British admiralty, Pusser's rum is a genuinely classic flavour. Bringing together rums from Barbados, Guyana, Trinidad and Jamaica, Pusser's is a real classic. Treacle, toffee and molasses aromas are released and combine wonderfully with cinnamon-spied oak and ginger. The flavour is strong yet mellow and includes notes of toffee and espresso in addition to those in the nose. The depth of flavour in Pusser's come from the bitter oaky notes which are present throughout.

Pyrat XO Rum, 70cl

With a bottle design reminiscent of those kept by Captains in the 19th century and instruction from the makers not to even consider mixing it with anything but ice, Pyrat xo is a genuine premium rum. Combining rums aged for as many as fifteen years, Pyrat xo is sweet and viscous on the palate, offering comforting marmalade sweetness. The orange flavour is tempered by sweeter, sugary notes and a medicinal edge reminiscent of cough drops. A truly exceptional rum which should be sipped at leisure.

R.L. Seales 10yr Rum, 70cl

No, there hasn’t been an accident it’s supposed to look like that! the distinctive asymmetrical bottle that r.l. seale’s finest rum is delivered in is just one of its many great perks. Matured in ex-madeira and ex-brandy cases this rum is awash with welcomingly sweet flavours as well as spiced notes. Spicy cooking apples are surrounded by notes of freshly baked pastry, cinnamon and nutmeg leading into a long and satisfying end of toffee apple and oak.

Rebellion Spiced Rum, 70cl

The spicy figurehead of the rebellion rum range - packed full of spice and great as the foundation of a tasty Cuban.

RedLeg Spiced Rum, 70cl

Old oak barrels ensure genuine depth to each bottle of redleg spiced. The brooding dark rum is blended with hand-selected spices, principally Jamaican ginger and vanilla. The combination creates the perfect winter warmer and unlike some other spiced rums, it’s those spicy notes that really stand out. Gingerbread flavours are perfectly balanced against spicy black pepper ensuring a strength of flavour that can be appreciated the time and again. No need to add ginger beer at redleg is spicy enough.

Ron Calados Rum Dark (House), 70cl

Made from Caribbean rum, Ron calvados dark rum is a value for money mixing product.

Ron Calados White (House), 70cl

Ron calados rum is distilled and bottled in the caribbean.


A blend of rums from Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica. Aromas of Rich vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Ron Miel Rum Honey Rum, 70cl

The ever-popular honey rum from Spain. Soft, luscious and perfect after a meal or whenever you feel like it!

Rumbullion! Rum, 70cl

Navy strength is made using a secret recipe with a Caribbean rum at its spicy core. Expect big spicy flavours of cardamom, clove and vanilla in this legendary spiced rum.

Sailor Jerry Rum, 70cl

Norman Collins’ nickname has far outlived him in spicy, mellow Sailor Jerry’s Rum. The godfather of old school tattooing sailor jerry rum reflects this tradition with its hula girl bottle design and a flavour which is both traditional but perfect for a range of modern drinks. Light in flavour, mellow vanilla notes and spices come through, making it the perfect accompaniment to your favourite brand of cola or fiery ginger beer.

Santa Teresa 1796 Rum, 70cl

Santa Teresa 1796 was released in 1996 and has had huge success and enjoyment since this date, commemorating the 200th anniversary of Santa Teresa’s foundation. With bronze amber hues and an aroma rich in honey, sherry and bitter brazil nuts, Santa Teresa is dry on the palate and wonderfully mellow. Chocolate and vanilla notes are released as you enjoy each sip and it ends on a satisfying and rounded buttery note.

Santa Teresa Claro Rum, 70cl

Claro is a blend of carefully selected rums aged in white American oak for an average of three years.

Siren's Call Caribbean Spiced Rum, 75cl

The nose is met with a deep, ester-heavy Jamaican Rum, with fragrant spiced notes of preserved lime, lemongrass, vanilla and ginger. On the palate, ginger is more pronounced but balances harmoniously with caramelised butterscotch ageing of the rum. Bacco and banana coming through in tandem. It ends with spiciness at its heart.

Skipper Rum, 70cl

Full-bodied and packed with deep brown sugar notes, the skipper is a molasses-based rum which brings together seven different individual rums. Its deep mahogany hues hide a brawny, bittersweet flavour which is burnt on the palate and features crème Brulee notes. Raisins, vanilla and hot clove spice come through strongly and it has a real strength of character which helps it stand out and gives it all the characteristics of a quality navy-style rum.

Smith & Cross Gold Rum, 70cl

One of the rare 100% pot still rums out there, smith & cross is a Jamaican favourite which allows tropical fruity flavours to define its character. A hit of pineapple is your first hint at the flavours within and the nose develops with further spicier notes of clove, pepper and intriguing hot chilli. On tasting, you’ll enjoy a warm, buttery opening which bursts into a fiery chilli-based heat, peppered with cinnamon and clove. This heat is tempered by balancing vanilla and muscovado sugar notes, bringing smith & cross to a mellower endnote.

The Kraken Black Spiced, 70cl

From its old-style bottling to its unusual name, the kraken rum is an exciting addition to the drinks cabinet. with flavours more in keeping with a peppered spicy rum than sea monsters from the deep, the pure black huesare different to your usual drink and certainly make for a long drink with a difference. marries perfectly with a sweet ginger beer, the kraken rum’s flavour is as deep as its hues, with heavy spicing balanced against honeyed vanilla.

Trois Rivières Blanc, 70cl

Trois rivieres hides a lot of flavour in its crystal clear body. Punchy and awash with tangy notes, it is still smooth and is a great aLtrernative choice for your classic mojito or daiquiri. Fresh peaches, plums and pears come through in the nose and its high abv means once you sip you get the full depth of flavour in a single sucker punch. Despite its punchiness there is elegance to this rum and citrus and grassy notes come through to support the strength. 

Westerhall No2 White Rum, 70cl

Westerhall No.2 has been double distilled and aged in plain oak casks for two years to achieve a smooth and mellow balance. The No.2 is a light rum with a sweet flavour that comes in at 37.5% ABV. The rum is diluted with the purist of Grenadian spring water before being charcoal filtered for absolute clarity.

Wood's 100 Navy, 70cl

A classic demerara navy style rum produced in guyana, wood’s 100 blends together a range of young rums. both pot still and continuously distilled rums make their way into the mix and it’s a distinct flavour that’s often used in tiki-style cocktails. prunes, caramel and sweet toffee are the first aromas released on opening and they’re soon joined by nutmeg and cinnamon spiciness. dark chocolate and fudge come through but the spiciness is the flavour that endures.

Wray & Nephew Over Proof, 70cl

Not for the faint-hearted wray & nephew overproof is one of jamaica’s finest spirits and packs a punch as soon as you open the bottle. a jamaican legend, wray & nephew is essential for a classic caribbean mai tai and it’s also the secret ingredient which many cocktail masters use to finish their drinks with a flourish. crystal clear and powerfully sharp on the tongue wray & nephew overproof is one of jamaica’s finest exports and is perfectly paired with tropical fruit juice cocktails.

Zacapa 23yr, 70cl

Guatemalan ron zacapa rum includes a wide range of exceptional flavours which work together in perfect harmony. zacapa black label is a 23 year aged rum and its nose is rich with banana, maraschino cherry, caramelised fruit and roasted chestnuts. these flavours then come through strongly when you sip, combined with sweet molasses and smoky wood. hints at chilli chocolate lead into a long finish, deep with toasted nuts and spices.

Zacapa Centenario XO, 70cl

A truly exceptional guatamalan rum, zacapa centenario xo is a premium offering which doesn’t disappoint when it comes to flavour. beautifully delicate, the flavour of zacapa centenario xo is matured in a mix of bourbon and sherry casks which together deliver a flavour which is exceptionally sweet and sugary, without being sickly. the softness on the palate of this mature rum is surprising and very welcome, with only a hint of smoke coming through in the finish.

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