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Jim Beam Red Stag Cherry Whisky, 70cl

Jim beam red stag whisky uses an infusion of the natural essence of black cherry, delivering a unique and interesting flavoured whisky which is different from your average bourbon. It has the appearance and flavour of a whisky liqueur without the same syrupy thickness and from the aroma, you’ll enjoy the warmth of the cherry without losing the depth of the bourbon flavour. Mellow oak comes through on tasting and enhances the rich dark cherry flavour, leading to an endnote which is naughtily sweet.

Jim Beam Rye Whiskey, 70cl

A rye whisky to be reckoned with Jim beam use all their tried and tested methods to produce this high quality, critically recommended bourbon. 51% rye in the mash bill ensures fiery heat and an ageing process of four years ensures smoothness and oaky tones which further enhance the quality of the drink. Caramel vanilla warmth help temper the heat of the spice with welcome notes of cherry and nutmeg also coming through. A quality rye whisky is certainly worth a go!

Jim Beam White Whisky, 70cl

For your classic Kentucky bourbon, look no further than Jim beam. Aged for double the necessary time, Jim is smooth, mellow and perfect for mixing with cocktails. It’s your perfect introductory bourbon but it’s also the favourite of many bourbon connoisseurs. Vanilla and caramel aromas quickly lead to a flavour with a rich, woody character with both those initial flavour notes carrying through. Gentle to the end, Jim beam is perfect for sipping all night long.

JJ Whitley Neil Dry Gin, 70cl

A classic London Dry recipe using a blend of 8 botanicals including orange and lemon peel alongside juniper, coriander and angelica.

JJ Whitley Neil Grain Vodka, 70cl

Artisianal British vodka with British heritage and flavour hues from 8 generations of family distilling.

Johnnie Walker Black Whisky, 70cl

Exuding class and a little mystery, our pal Johnnie Black deserves a spot in your drinks cabinet. Deep and complex with a flavour that tantalises the tongue, Johnnie black has been perfectly refined with as many as 40 whiskies brought together to create a mature, intricate and enjoyable scotch. A long fruity finish is exceptional amongst others in its class, with currant and citrus notes lingering longest of all.

Johnnie Walker Blue Whisky, 70cl

The rarest Johnnie Walker on the market, the blue label has a refined and elegant flavour that lifts it into the premium malt category. A robust and fragrant nose is rich with oak, dry spices, berry fruits and aniseed. The flavour is mellower, more balanced and open, with toffee and light hints of smoke. Chocolate and intense malt warmth give the flavour another dimension and the long finish is awash with powerful oaky notes.

Johnnie Walker Double Black Whisky, 70cl

Johnnie walker double black is an exceptionally limited edition offering which brings out the finest notes of the traditional black label and combines them with a peatier whisky which is matured in barrels which are more charred. A smoke-filled nose offers up a little vanilla, citrus and malt and the flavour is creamy, malty and packed with enjoyable peat smoke. Salty butter, sweetened custard and cereals add further depth and character to this premium blend.

Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve Whisky, 70cl

Johnnie walker gold-blend reserve is one premium whisky that all connoisseurs are rushing to try. Constructed around the flavours of single malt from clynelish, the flavours have been nurtured and brought into their own with great care. The nose is rich with Scottish heather, honey and caramel, with just a little subtle nutmeg coming through. On drinking, you’ll enjoy the smoothness immediately, with a velvety mouthfeel and more of that satisfying honey warmth. Spiced vanilla comes through accompanied by bright floral notes, leading into a long toffee-rich finish. Extremely drinkable.

Johnnie Walker Green Reserve Whisky, 70cl

Johnnie walker green label is one of the lesser found offerings from the hugely popular distillery and has a flavour which deserves at least one taste. A blended malt whisky which binds together many different flavours of Scotland, Johnnie walker green label is rich in oak tones, coffee beans and even chocolate. Dates and walnut also come through with oak and charcoal wood smoke also getting a look in. A long finish is nicely spiced, rich with honey and sweetened by malty cereals.

Johnnie Walker Red Whisky, 70cl

Johnnie walker red label was first created in 1909 and brings together a classic blend of whiskies. It’s a favourite for mixing, creating original cocktails and sitting at the back of the bar, simply waiting to be chosen. Johnnie Walker red label has a full and pungent aroma, with heather notes, herbaceous freshness and sweet honey. The palate is rich with winter spices, fruitcake and melt-in-the-mouth barley sugar depth, further enhancing this already enjoyable whisky.

Jose Cuervo Agavero Tequila, 70cl

Jose Cuervo Agavero is an exceptional tequila flavoured liqueur, displayed in an unusual, memorable bottle. Blue agave reposado and Anejo tequilas are blended together with the essence of Damian flower to create a flavour you won’t forget. Herbal and vegetal aromas are the most prominent with light woody notes, lime zest and even asparagus come through. The flavour is sweet and mellow as you first sip but it begins to heat up, with those familiar herbal notes coming through.

Jose Cuervo Anejo 1800 Tequila, 70cl

Jose Cuervo Anejo 1800 is an exceptional offering for one of our favourite tequila distilleries. Aged for over a year and selective french oak casks, each bottle of this tequila has been prepared to perfection. The aroma is rich in roasted coconut, toffee and woody floral depth. This leads into a flavour which is equally woody, with the spice coming through in the form of cracked black pepper. The endnote is dry yet immensely satisfying, wonderful for sipping at leisure.

Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila, 70cl

The classic golden tequila, Jose Cuervo gold has a distinctive flavour that stands out against the crowd. Smooth and mellow compared to other tequilas, it benefits from a maturation process which involves time resting in oak casks. Blending both young and aged tequilas together ensure you have an ingredient that just begs to be added to your next margarita or dashed over the rocks for an enjoyable, thirst-quenching drink.

Jose Cuervo Reposado 1800 Tequila, 70cl

Jose Cuervo reposado 1800 is a further edition to the 1800 series of tequilas from Jose Cuervo. Rested for just six months in American and French oak casks, this tequila is a bittersweet, light offering which is exceptionally easy to drink. Light coconut and vanilla flavours come through in the nose with spicy pepper and cinnamon coming through too. The taste begins sweetly, with butterscotch taking centre stage but then leading into familiar notes of vanilla and charred vegetables.

Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Tequila, 70cl

Year after year Reserva de Familia has kept its promise to promote young Mexican artists. The box is now a tradition to proudly exhibit their work, bearing their style, showing through form and colour the art of tequila.

Jose Cuervo Reserva Familia Blanco Tequila, 70cl

One of the newer offerings from the famous Jose Cuervo range, Jose Cuervo Reserva da le Familia Blanco is an exceptional new silver tequila. Limited edition, hand-signed, hand-dipped and corked, each bottle of Reserva Blanco is highly sought after and it’s easy to see why. The strength of quality agave comes through in the nose, closely followed by charred vegetables and hints at linseed oil. The flavour keeps the vegetable notes alive but teams them with fresh pear and of course the sweetness of agave. Pepper only comes through towards the end but it strong and satisfying.

Jose Cuervo Silver 1800 Tequila, 70cl

Jose cuervo blanco 1800 is a 100% agave tequila which rests in ex-american whisky casks and benefits from the depths of both the oak and the whiskey flavours coming through. Chargrilled vegetables and celery notes come through in the nose which then leads into a flavour which allows the agave to take centre stage. Light and delicate, the agave is surrounded by the smokiness of the vegetable flavours and a light peppering of spice. Herbaceous and rounded to the final sip.

Jose Cuervo Tradicional Gold Tequila, 70cl

Jose Cuervo Tradicional reposado uses only 100% blue weber agave made with the same traditional methods Jose Cuervo used when he first began producing tequila in 1795. Carefully fermented and double distilled, the tequila is rested in white oak barrels - crafting its signature golden hue and aged flavour.

Jose Cuervo Tradicional Tequila, 50cl

The clear, light golden hues of Jose Cuervo Tradicional reposado are home to a wonderful array of flavours that never disappoint. A limited-edition tequila, traditional intriguingly opens with a nose full of smoky notes, vegetal sweetness and banana. The flavour too carries through that smokiness and a woody depth also comes through, with nutmeg, cinnamon and delicate hints of ginger. It’s an earthy mellow offering from Jose Cuervo which is just begging to be sipped.

Jose Cuervo Traditional Silver Tequila, 70cl

The clear, light golden hues of Jose Cuervo Tradicional Reposado are home to a wonderful array of flavours that never disappoint. A limited-edition tequila, traditional intriguingly opens with a nose full of smoky notes, vegetal sweetness and banana. The flavour too carries through that smokiness and a woody depth also comes through, with nutmeg, cinnamon and delicate hints of ginger. It’s an earthy mellow offering from Jose Cuervo which is just begging to be sipped.

Jose Cuervo White Classico Tequila, 70cl

The world's bestselling tequila brand, Cuervo Silver is an ideal white tequila for shooters or cocktails.

Jules Clairon Brandy, 70cl

A quintessentially French flavour, Jules Clairon napoleon is a warm and sweet brandy which has been nurtured to develop its distinctive flavour and aroma. Small, hand-selected oak barrels are used in the maturation process and help to develop the lingering caramel flavour that Jules Clairon Napoleon is known for. A balanced mix of spirits ensures the ideal for your brandy balloon and naturally warmed in the hand after dinner.

Jungfrau Herbal, 70cl

A unique blend of fermented and distilled alcohol infused with herbs, spices & botanicals.

Junipero Gin, 70cl

Juniper by name and packing a punch by nature, junipero knows exactly where it sits in the gin market, firmly at the heart of small batch distillation. made using tiny copper pot stills, junipero is distilled using more than twelve different botanicals. juniper of course is heavy and pungent throughout as you sip and the high alcohol level allows for intensity in each of the flavours. juniper is backed up by traditional coriander and liquorice with sweet ruby grapefruit notes providing a welcome sweetness.


Don't expect miracles! When funds are tight this is the way to go. Drinkable but needs a chilled soft drink/mixer/mixer. Keep this one in the freezer for optimum taste.


Top-quality orange-flavoured Dutch vodka from Ketel One's range, made with essences from Valencia oranges grown in Brazil and Florida, as well as Mandarin oranges from Italy. Tasty served neat or over ice, as well as being a great cocktail ingredient.

Ketel One Citron Vodka, 70cl

Lemons from the fridge and buttery croissant notes on the entry. This is followed by lemon meringue and lemon barley water with hot toast. The kicks is chalky,( in a lemon barley way) but with a touch of aggression. The finish is full of bitter lemon notes.

Ketel One Vodka, 70cl

Click your clogs with joy! a dutch success story, smooth yet faint dried fruit notes with a touch of half-baked bread. Dry and peppery finish. This is super good from the fridge and a really good value for money. The dutch keep it real and the vodka follows suit. Great stuff.

Ki No Bi Dry Gin, 70cl

Ki no bi Kyoto dry gin is created with Japanese botanicals such as yellow yuzu from the north of Kyoto Prefecture, hinoki wood chips (Japanese cypress), bamboo, gyokuro tea from the uji region and green sansho (Japanese peppercorn) berries.

King Of Soho, 70cl

What could be more fitting for Gerry's than Spirit of Soho gin? A local classic which lives up to its name and offers a quality London dry gin offering. Premium in quality and produced a tribute to the King of Soho, traditional methods are used at every stage of production to deliver a juniper and coriander heavy gin which is just made for a cheeky gin sling or a classic g&t with lemon.

Knob Creek 9yr Whisky, 70cl

Knob Creek is one of those classic small-batch bourbons that’s jumped in popularity. Take this chance to try it out for yourself. Produced by Jim Beam, it’s a traditional blend with nine years spent maturing and a spicy sweetness which is warmly satisfying. Even when first encountering the aroma you’ll get that mix of spice and sweetness, with granary toast melding with toasty oak and a spicy touch of rye. The flavour is pepped up and spice is the central feature with nutty, sweeter notes taking a backseat. It ends on a dry note and is wonderful sipped neat.

Koko Kanu Rum, 70cl

Koko Kanu is named to pay homage to the Jamaican Arawak Indians and its flavour is light, fragrant and heavily inspired by the ever-popular coconut. This rich coconut flavoured rum has a sweetshop aroma and the baked flavour of the coconut macaroon comes through on tasting. Hints of icing sugar and cocoa build as the flavour’s complexity develops and it’s as the lingering finish ends that you get an enjoyable spicy hit.

Konik's Tail Vodka, 70cl

One of the best vodkas in Europe at the moment with a release of just 4,00 bottles per year. The complex and dense body; starts with soft sweet winter wheat followed by a nutty note and finally a complex dryness that flaunts the rye with a peppery note on the end. Tremendous stuff. Do not freeze this vodka. It's too damn good.


From the Kyrö Distillery in Isokyrö, Finland produces the small-batch Napue Gin using rye grain and the finest botanicals which produce a nose rich in meadowsweet, citrus, cumin and juniper.

La Chica Gold (House) Tequila, 70cl

A lovely gold tequila from la chica made for cocktails, and itching to be shaken up into a tasty margarita!


The González Byas white Vermouth is a delicious combination of dry Fino Shery with a salty character and a selection of classic botanicals, inspired by an original recipedatingbackto1896, then called“FrenchVermouth”. Clean, elegant and intense. You will find concentrated citrus aromas, perfectly blended with the delicious, bitter touches of wormwood and savoury. Cinnamon, nutmeg and the high residual sugar balance out the bitterness.


La Copa brand was one of the first to be registered by Gonzalez Byass dating back to 1884. The production follows the original recipe from 1906 and the packaging is a replica of the original label. Intense spiced aroma, notes of clove and cinnamon stand out, with an elegant bitterness on the finish. On the palate, it is smooth and elegant. There can be no doubt as to its origins in Jerez.

La Fee Absinthe Parisienne, 70cl

The drink which sparked a new revolution, la fee absinthe Parisienne was one of the first absinthes newly licensed when the drink was once again made legal. Distilled in Paris utilising a 19th-century recipe, la fee Parisienne is exclusively authenticated by Marie-Claude Delahaye, founder and curator of the absinthe museum. With classic green hues and the flavours of traditional wormwood, fennel anise and hyssop it has both a herbal aroma and sharp aniseed flavour.

Lagavulin 16yr Whisky, 70cl

A single malt that many lusts after, Lagavulin 16 year old is a southern islay offering which combines bright rich notes with a light dryness, creating an interesting, concentrated flavour. The nose is reminiscent of lapsang souchong tea, exceptionally smoky with undertones of sweet sherry and vanilla. The flavour is equally intense, with a thick richness on the palate, rich in malt and sherry with bright fruited sweetness and the smoky peat always there in the background. A masterpiece of the smoky style.

Lamb's Navy Rum, 70cl

One of the top navy rums around, lamb’s is a well-known brand with a recognisable flavour. 18 rums are brought together and are distilled in pot stills to deliver maximum flavour. Maturation takes place in oak casks and this delivers a treacle-deep flavour, pungent in molasses, toffee and nutmeg. The flavour is fruity with Christmas cake notes and espresso coffee intensity. Mild clove spice ensures a traditional rum complexity to lamb’s, making it one of the most popular dark rums around.

Lamb's Spiced Rum, 70cl

Lamb’s Navy rum is already well known and its spiced variation is certainly enjoyable too. Mixing together Guyana, Jamaican, Trinidadian and Barbadian rums alongside natural botanicals and spices, lamb’s spiced rum is hot, bright and has a zesty tang. Your traditional vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg flavours are all there standing proud and are enhanced by toasted fruit notes and hints of lavender. Rounded and creamy, the intense spice ensures this lamb’s offering is memorable.

Lanique Rose Petal Vodka, 70cl

Thick rose and lemon notes on the opening followed closely by delicate Turkish delight and faint Arabian spice. The finish is thick and full with heaps of rose and strawberry on the finish with a sweet yet comfortably strong bite. Cracking for cocktails and begs for champagne. Serve from the fridge to get the very best from this one.

Laphroaig 10yr Whisky, 70cl

This smoky little number will not let you down. 10-year-old offering from the esteemed Laphroaig distillery, it has that classic medicinal taste we all know and love. The powerful muscle of peat comes through in the nose with liquorice and sweet baking spices following behind. As far as the flavour goes it’s sultry, with a real coastal feel and has notes of sweet vanilla, strong oak and spicy chilli there too. It ends dryly, inviting you to give it another sip.

Laphroaig Quarter Cask Whisky, 70cl

Laphroaig quarter cask was released in 2004 to much esteem. Youthful compared to other offerings it’s a highly commendable malt which still has a bold, enticing flavour despite its young age. Oily and butter-rich on the nose, toffee, nuts and hickory smoke come through measuredly. The palate gives a bold hit of sweetness with fiery chilli heat coming through quickly in pursuit, medicinal freshness, chewy cereals and even a hint of cola also follow.

Leblon Cachaça, 70cl

Named for a well-known region of Rio, Leblon cachaça looks like any other white rum or vodka but its flavour tells a different story. Its nose is a borderline combination of sugar sweetness and zesty citrus and is reminiscent of a good rum and a slice of lime. On drinking, you’ll enjoy an initial hit of that limey citrus soon followed by strong rum-like flavours tempered down by sugar cane sweetness. Leblon is harsh on the palate but not overwhelmingly so and is a great alternative to your average white rum in a daiquiri.

Legent Bourbon, 70cl

Rich Traditional Bourbon cues with wood Notes, Light raisins and dates. Rich warm and oaky like bourbon with complex layers with an unexpectedly long finish.

Lillet Blanc, 75cl

Classic French aperitif. Waves of honeyed tropical fruit and glace cherries with smashed sauvignon grapes and floral notes. Starts out sweet and moves into a dry zesty almost zingy finish.

Lillet Rose, 75cl

The result is a lush, fruity, elegant tonic wine with the taste of ripe summer berries, wildflowers, melon and stone fruit, as well as the traditional sweet and bitter citrus notes.

Lillet Rouge, 75cl

Lillets beefy brother. Big notes of red summer berries and juicy Valencia oranges with lashes of spicy red wine. The finish is tannic yet sweet with squishy summer fruit notes.

Lindisfarne Mead, 70cl

The holy island of Lindisfarne brings us more than religious piety, Lindisfarne Mead is a classic, traditional drink which is enjoyed in households around the country. Using honey which is sourced from around the world Lindisfarne Mead is a velvety smooth fortified wine which uses the natural water from an artesian well to develop its flavour. Herbs and fermented grape juice bring out the flavour and altogether a sweet, light flavour is created.

Luksusowa Vodka, 70cl

The prefered polish potato vodka of "men" apparently!? Fat hot buttery mash with lashings of pepper on entry followed by more creamy soda notes and finally hot white pepper and boiled new potatoes finish. Pretty damn good to be fair.

Luxardo Passione Nera Sambuca, 70cl

Luxardo Passione Nera is one of the world’s most popular black sambuca liqueurs. Black spirits are more popular than ever before and they certainly get people talking and this one is no different. Luxardo Passione Nera is aromatised with liquorice and maintains the sharp anise flavour of regular sambuca, familiar to fans of the classic drink. The main taste is that of star anise with coriander and a little cardamom coming through, creating a herbal delight within those inky black hues.

Luxardo Sambuca, 70cl

Sweet and strong in equal measures, Luxardo Sambuca is a celebration of the anise plant and its vibrant, familiar flavour. Totally clear but completely filled to the brim with flavour as you open your bottle you’ll enjoy the aromatic intensity that sambuca is known for. The flavour begins sharply but soon balances out and delivers a rounded and warming kick, that anise flavour remaining strong throughout. Dilute with water to drink traditionally or try it as a shot or with a soft drink/mixer/mixer.

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