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Monkey 47, 50cl

Monkey 47 is your chance to enjoy the hard graft that comes from painstakingly matching 47 different botanicals. the botanicals chosen work in perfect harmony with each other and include everything from the expectation of ripe juniper berries to interesting notes of ceylon cinnamon, acorus calamus lemon balm and verbena. truly unique and one that all gin connoisseurs must try, monkey 47 retains the classic flavours of gin and enhances them with additional botanical notes.

Monkey 47 Sloe, 50cl

In its apothecary-style bottle, we won’t blame you if you claim each sip of monkey 47 sloe gin is ‘purely medicinal’. A stunning gin which uses 47 botanicals and then combined this unusual and inviting flavour with the sweet flavour of sloe berries. Monkey 47 uses wild-grown, hand-picked sloe berries from the black forest in Germany and every single batch is distilled over a three month period to guarantee a perfectly blended taste. A very rare and exclusive sloe gin, get it before it’s gone.


Monkey Shoulder 'Smokey Monkey' Batch 9 Blended Malt Scotch Whisky, Speyside, Scotland.

Monkey Shoulder Whisky, 70cl

A blended malt whisky from the folks at the famous William Grant distillery, monkey shoulder brings together a range of smooth single malts in beautiful harmony. The nose is an elegant marmalade-laced malty affair, with just a little clove and cinnamon spice. The flavour too is malt-driven yet creamy in the mouth with recognisable berries, toasted barley and butterscotch notes. The creamy warmth of this blend doesn’t let go until the very end and is a wonderfully enjoyable offering.

Morgan's Spiced Rum, 1.5ltr

Made with molasses, the rum is aged in charred white oak barrels for up to a year before blending, finally, a secret recipe of spice and natural flavours is added to create its distinctive flavour.

Morgan's Spiced Rum, 70cl

Blended to perfection, Captain Morgan’s is a golden rum which has been enhanced by sweet and mellow spices. a drink that just cries out to be mixed with cola, Captain Morgan’s uses only premium Caribbean rums to create its distinct flavour. The natural hues of the rum blend with specially selected spices to create the amber hues the drink is known for and a hint of oak smokiness can be tasted due to the rum’s maturation process.

Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum, 70cl

Mount Gay black barrel is a blend of rums produced in both pot and column stills. Finished in deeply charred bourbon barrels, this is a rich and spicy rum.

Mount Gay Eclipse Rum, 70cl

Your ancestors may even have heard of this one, Mount Gay is one of the world’s oldest rums, dating back to the 18th century. Pure Barbadian spring water and sugar cane are blended to create the trademark flavour, the recipe still the same as when first created. Notes of apricot and banana burst from the bottle and there’s a subtle smokiness that comes from the Kentucky bourbon barrels the rum is aged in.

Mount Gay Extra XO Rum, 70cl

Known locally as mount gay black this fine Barbadian rum brings together many different blends with ages of between 8 and 12 years. In Barbados you’ll hear calls for a ‘black and coke’ and this can only mean a good old shot of Mount Gay Xo in their drink. Spicy apricot, fiery heat and honeyed fruit work together to create the distinct flavour of Mount Gay Xo. The maturation process adds a dry oaky complexity to the drink, a distinction which is widely enjoyed.

Myers Rum, 70cl

Myer’s Rum is one of those spirits which simply calls out from a soft drink/mixer/mixer. A brand that’s been around since 1879, Myer's rum brings together a blend of nine separate rums and is one of jamaica’s popular exports. On opening, you’ll be hit with an intense molasses-thick aroma, with stewed prunes, apples and butter toffee coming through. The flavour is less intense but the notes are all still there and are brought into their own once you add your other cocktail ingredients. Very sweet, Myers rum is perfectly paired with coke or ginger.

New Amsterdam Vodka, 70cl

It is five times distilled for unparalleled smoothness and is filtered three times to create a soft finish. The "five times" distillation process is optimal, removing impurities while preserving mouth feel.

Nikka Black Whisky, 50cl

The yin of Japanese whisky, Nikka black is a wonderful example of how exceptional Japanese whisky can be. An award winner that Jim Murray has highlighted as one of the best, this is one offering you truly want to taste. Fresh and clean on the nose, the smokiness is kept to a minimum with intense notes of peat and vanilla coming through. Touches of toffee and coffee blend with light oak to create a shining example of what Japan can do.

Nikka From the Barrel Whisky, 50cl

Nikka from the barrel is an exceptional Japenese whisky which truly packs a punch. Power is truly the name of the game with nikka from the barrel. A balanced nose introduces floral flavours, fresh fruit, spice and also oak leading into a full-bodied punchy flavour on the palate. Winter spice, toffee and vanilla come alongside the bright fruity notes, creating a flavour which is welcoming, enticing and almost demands you take just one more sip.

No.3, 70cl

A perfectly balanced blend of three fruits and three spices, no.3 gin’s name has more than one meaning. Named for the address in st. James’ street in London which inspired its design, no.3 is simply produced using those classic gin flavours juniper berries, angelica root and coriander. These flavours are combined with orange and grapefruit peel alongside cardamom pods and the end result is smooth, lightly spiced and wonderfully enjoyable.

Noilly Prat, 75cl

The daddy of dry vermouths. Fino sherry style dryness with cloves and cardamom followed by squishy white supermarket grapes. The finish retains the spiciness with dry floral notes of bitter pear and apple.


Nomad Outland Whisky is a bright, topaz coloured whisky, born from a collaboration between Gonzalez Byass and renowned whisky distiller Richard Paterson. 26 malts and six grains are expertly blended together in Scotland, resulting in inviting aromas with malty fragrance, reminiscent of oak and sherry due to its ageing in American oak barrels. The whisky is then transported to the Gonzalez Byass Bodega in Jerez, where it is finished in Pedro Ximenez sherry barrels.

Oban 14yr Whisky, 70CL

A west highland malt of real esteem, this 14-year-old Oban is traditional in its flavour but this isn’t something to overlook. Rich and smoky on the nose, this Oban has a medicinal flavour about it, with notes of the sea, coast and seaweed all coming through together. Smooth sweetness is offered up by citrus-infused vanilla but it’s the medicinal notes which truly make this a memorable dram.

Ocho Plata Tequila, 50cl

Ocho 8 Plata is a limited edition silver tequila which is refreshing and clean on the nose. Cedar, mint and spice all come through and there’s a satisfying earthiness to this tequila and your taste. Pepper and mint work in tandem to deliver hot and cool hits of flavour and they also work alongside the sweetness offered by agave and hints of raspberry. The finish lingers with those raspberry notes at the centre but still a whisper of that spicy pepper too.

Ocho Reposado Tequila, 50cl

Ocho reposado tequila is timed to precision to deliver the exacting flavour that its creators demand. Aged for exactly 8 weeks and 8 days, Ocho Reposado is made from 100% blue agave and has an aroma which is rich in vanilla and leads into a soft, delicate flavour that brings out sweet almond and vanilla notes with a little cinnamon spice. Vegetal notes come through in the flavour of red peppers and are teamed with citrus. It’s a vegetal tequila which is light, enjoyable and subtle to the end.

Old Curiosity Gin Apothecary Rose,

A marvellous floral Scottish gin from the Old Curiosity distillery on the outskirts of Edinburgh in the Secret Herb Garden.

Old Curiosity Gin Chamomile & Cornflower, 50cl

A fabulously floral gin from The Old Curiosity Distillery, set in the grounds of the mysterious Secret Herb Garden on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

Old Curiosity Gin Lavender and Echinacea, 50cl

The Old Curiosity range produced at Edinburgh's Secret Herb Garden is home to a trio of fantastically aromatic, floral gins, including this treat - the Lavender & Echinacea Gin.


A beautiful, natural citrus note plus a hint of lemon sherbet. It is crisp and dry with a slight salinity to the finish.


A delightful, natural sweetness with an exotic fragrance. Although sweet, there is a sharp finish due to the freshly distilled Elderflower.

Old J Spiced Rum, 70cl

Exotic flavours are brought together in delicate harmony within each bottle of Old J. Old J is vibrant and notes of zesty Persian lime are blended beautifully with your traditional rum notes of vanilla and cinnamon. It’s a smooth and sweet rum-flavoured drink with a lower than average abv which makes it perfect for splashing over ice with a wedge of lime. Alternatively, you pop it in a cocktail and it’s those deep vanilla notes which linger.

Old J Tiki Fire Rum, 70cl

The high proof release of Admiral Vernon's old j spiced rum but keeping the same recipe of lime, sugar and spices. A welcome return to how spiced rum used to be.


This bourbon whiskey is bottled at nearly barrel proof. Just a splash of Kentucky limestone water is added after a decade of ageing. Rich, yet smooth, this bourbon takes a back seat to none. A sweet vanilla nose with caramel, pecan and oak wood. Smooth, mellow flavour consisting of robust wheat, cherries and oak. Features a long, smoky wheat finish with hints of fruit, spice and oak tannins.

Olmeca Altos Reposado Tequila, 70cl

Olmeca Altos reposado spends a little longer being aged than other Olmeca tequilas, with 18 months in 200-litre white American ex-bourbon casks. It retains a super sweet and fresh flavour with its aroma packed full of bright fruitiness, notes of strawberry and cherry. The woody smokiness from the casks is apparent and is brought out even further when you take a sip. Slightly sweet honey comes through alongside the smokiness and the aftertaste is long, powerful and memorable.

Olmeca Altos Silver Tequila, 70cl

Olmeca Altos Plata has been described as the perfect choice for a margarita and its 100% agave content delivers a satisfying sweetness. on opening its white pepper, sea salt and vegetal notes which come through strongly, with agave in the background. This changes when you taste as the viscous feel on the palate is full of sweet agave, notes of lime, nutmeg, salt and hot white pepper. Balanced sweetness and spice are what makes this tequila worth trying.

Olmeca Reposado, 70cl

Olmeca Reposado spends six months waiting to be bottled and the ex-bourbon casks it rests imparts some real quality to its flavour. Fruit, sweet with a citric zing, Olmeca Reposado is silky smooth and easily drinkable. The sweeter flavours are combined cleverly with the smokiness and woody elements it gains through the maturation process and just a hint of black pepper to ensure the spice levels are balanced. Sip it or mix it, whatever suits you best.

Olmeca Silver Tequila, 70cl

Olmeca Blanca is a crystal clear tequila which teams together sweet agave with white pepper. its aroma also offers up mellow bay leaves, cloves and lilac in a floral bouquet which tempts you to taste. On tasting Olmeca Blanca is wonderfully dry and clean on the palate, the rich agave flavours coming through with spiced chilli, white pepper and freshly baked dough flavours following. It’s the white pepper than lingers and tingles on the tongue.

Ophir Spiced Gin, 70cl

Opihr opens your senses to the rich aromas of the ancient spice route.

Oxley Dry Gin, 70cl

Oxley is a revolutionary English gin with a fresh, bright, smooth classic gin taste. Unlike any other spirit, Oxley is made by the innovative cold distillation process. Cold distillation occurs at -5c capturing the natural flavours of the botanicals and preserving them in the final spirit.

Pampero Aniversario Rum, 70cl

Launched to commemorate the 25th anniversary of pampero, anniversary rum is produced for Venezuelan molasses and matured in a pungent ex-bourbon cask. As you open up the short, squat bottle you’ll enjoy treacle rich aromas with festive spice notes. The flavour is welcomingly sweet but rounded and spicy oak notes sit comfortably alongside dried fruit and nutmegs. Gingerbread coffee spice carries the drink through to the end with a satisfyingly warm finish.

Pampero Blanco Rum, 70cl

A fruity white rum produced in Venezuela, Pampero Blanco has been aged for two years (as a minimum) to ensure a deep and enjoyable flavour. It is a wonderfully mellow rum which is light on the palate and smooth in the mouth. A premium spirit which is a wonderful companion to many of your favourite soft drink/mixer/mixers, pampero Blanco always make sure it’s distinctive flavour is felt, even in the most complex cocktails.

Pampero Especial Rum, 70cl

Exquisite Venezuelan rums are blended together to create Pampero Especial Anejo. A comforting aroma of leather, cigar tobacco, spiced clove and lime zest welcomes you when you open this drink and the flavour opens on a sweet note which soon grows in complexity. Brown sugar notes pair perfectly with zesty orange, root ginger and a creamy hit of butterscotch. The spice comes through strongest in the finish, with the clove taking centre stage and a bitter smokiness coming through from the oak-cask maturation.


This Italian gin gets its name, and its taste, from the Sicilian island of Panarea, where many of the botanicals are grown. The ingredients include juniper, coriander, citrus fruit and myrtle berries, the latter of which is prominent on the palate.


The N1 rated Bourbon Whiskey in the world with a 99 out of 100 ratings by the World Spirits Championship. This bourbon is aged 20 years and bottled at 90.4 proof for a wonderfully smooth and rich profile. Pappy Van Winkle was a true character and like its namesake, this bourbon whiskey is full of character – quite a remarkable whiskey. Intense and tantalizing. Smooth with a citrus zest note. Some sherry notes, dried fruits and vanilla. The finish is long and elegant.


This very rare, limited edition bourbon takes generations of distilling know-how to produce. Only the most careful and expensive distilling method can be used to create a whiskey as special as this one. Each barrel ages for 23 years and is carefully selected from the heart of the warehouse. This whiskey should be enjoyed neat. Early aromas of caramel and cream with soft notes of oak, nuts and leather. Features a sweet taste composed of vanilla, maple and honey joined by complimentary flavours of citrus and spice. Has a long-lasting oaky finish, along with many of the early flavours.

Patron Anejo Tequila, 70cl

Patron Anejo is treated with the same delicate nurturing process as a good wine. Uniquely aged tequilas are wonderfully blended together and each individual tequila is matured in its own small white oak barrel before combining. It has warm amber tones and a woody aroma with notes of raisins and vanilla. The flavour is smooth and sweet on the palate with the woody and vanilla notes coming together strongly and a hint of sweet honey coming in. The smoothness of this tequila makes it perfect for mixing and creating cocktails.

Patron Platinum Tequila, 70cl

One of the premium offerings from the famous Patron Tequila distillery, gran patron platinum uses the finest blue agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco. Triple distilled and then rested for a short time in oak tanks, Gran Patron Platinum is wonderfully smooth and full-bodied. The nose is full of that fresh agave teamed with citrus and fresh fruit and the flavour follows suit with the agave taking centre stage, citrus and fruit following on. Its finish is long and spiced with white pepper.

Patron Reposado Tequila, 70cl

The third of patrons triumvirate of exceptional tequilas, patron reposado has a complex and distinctive flavour profile. Smooth from the first sip, you can taste the smokiness of the oak used in the maturation process and light fresh agave also comes through quickly. As the flavour builds you’ll enjoy notes of citrus and smooth honey, leading to a sweet and short aftertaste of honeyed vanilla and citrus zest.

Patron Silver Tequila, 70cl

Young and sprightly, Patron Silver is the youngest of their tequilas and its flavour reflects its youth. Clear in colour and rich with fruity aromas, particularly citrus, Patron Silver is refreshing and has a smooth sweetness about it. Soft and light the flavour is peppered with hints of citrus with natural agave taking centre stage. Light peppery notes hit on the finish adding some welcome bite to the endnote.

Patron XO Café, 70cl

It’s not every day you’ll enjoy the depths of flavour that Patron Xo Café offers, bringing together the sweet sharpness of tequila and the bitter, depth of coffee. Made from natural coffee essence patron xo café is thinner than you average liqueur and has an appetising flavour not dissimilar to tiramisu. There’s a stickiness about it which is warm in the mouth and brings together the drier notes of espresso and dark chocolate together in harmony. Use it to create a memorable dessert or heady cocktail.

Pernod Absinthe, 70cl

The original absinthe, Henri Louis Pernod founded the world’s first absinthe distillery and their modern product still uses many of the methods and ingredients of their original blend. Deceptively milder than its high proof alcohol content, Pernod absinthe is understated and smooth to drink with the notes of aniseed and wormwood present but not overwhelming. Light green in colour has natural herbal aromas and a distinctive touch of lemon, best enjoyed with water and sugar.

Pimm's No.1, 70cl

Can you imagine lazing on a summer’s afternoon without your Pimm's in hand? We think not so let’s raise a toast to Pimm's no 1 the classic English summer drink. Traditionally served 3:1 with freshly made lemonade, cucumber, mint and strawberries, Pimm's has a rich and fruity taste which simply screams summer. English through and through Pimm's, no 1 was invented in the city of London and spicy undertones lift them natural fruitiness even further.

Pink Pepper Gin, 70cl

A Pink Pepper Gin from French producers Audemus, situated in the heart of Cognac. Made with hand-picked pink peppercorns and a handful of other tasty botanicals (including honey, vanilla and cardamom - all of which are macerated separately then distilled under low pressure and temperature). You'll find a good juxtaposition between sweet and spicy notes in this one.

Pink Pigeon Rum, 70cl

A rare spiced rum with a memorable name, the pink pigeon is not a drink you’ll forget in a hurry. One of Mauritius’ finer offerings, a bird native to isle is where it gets its name. Warming custard notes are released on opening the bottle and they’re soon followed by sweet icing sugar, buttery croissant and even strawberries. On drinking the sweetness remains and vanilla and nutmeg spice also come through, with a fieriness developing as you sip.

Pinkster Gin, 70cl

There’s raspberry on the nose as the juniper comes through and then a slight spice that develops and lingers. Whilst we’re purposefully different to most gins, but a healthy dose of juniper, in fact twice as much as regular gin, ensures that our gently prevalent raspberry scent is accompanied by that customary dryness.

Pisco ABA, 50cl

Aba pisco is a prized chilean creation which is produced using a double distillation method in copper pot stills. perfect for chile’s favourite pisco sour cocktail, aba utilises the fresh, juicy grapes of the muscat variety, grown in the chilean andes. Crystal clear and exceptionally flavoured, aba pisco offers the taste of jasmine flowers, sweet honey and tangerine creating a flavour which is soft on the palate and syrupy sweet.

Pisco Soldeica, 70cl

Using only Quebrada grapes from the Ica area of Peru, Soldeica pisco is a strongly flavoured crystal clear Pisco which has the comforting aroma of cooking bread dough. Oily and nutty scents are also released and the flavour is sweet and light, with a mouthfeel which is slightly oily and smooth. Aromatic flavours are led by herbaceous notes and that bready aroma becomes apparent in the flavour too. Easily drinkable and delicately sweet, each sip of Soldeica Pisco is exceptional.

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