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Salto 37 Cachaça, 70cl

Salto 37 is the name of a town in the heart of Brazil’s foremost cachaça producing region, Sao Paulo. Imported into England.

Salto Pure 39 Cachaça, 70cl

The biggest of the bunch when it comes to saLtro cachaça, Salto pure is a 39% abv spirit which describes itself as ‘unmodified’. It has a strong, impactful nose which is fruity and invites you to taste. The flavour is bold and has a sugary sweetness due to its fermented sugar cane juice base. Salto pure cachaça epitomises the flavour of one of Brazil’s national treasures and offers it up with a punch.

Sambuca Ramazotti, 70cl

Sambuca Ramazzotti is the original Italian sweet and strong liqueur appreciated all over the world for its unique taste. The strength of the alcohol balances the sweetness of the sugar, giving sambuca Ramazzotti its characteristic powerful and fresh taste.

San Cosme Mezcal Tequila, 70cl

San Cosme Mezcal is a stylish example of a traditional mezcal which has an extremely rich flavour, due to its non-chill filtration process. Its aroma lets you deep and earthy with a dry woody character and sweet roast agave notes. On first sip you’ll enjoy a viscous mouthfeel, the flavours coating it entirely and a burst of fruity freshness followed by a creamy caramel-like depth. A hint of spice supports those warm agave notes and there is a final smoky note which lingers pleasantly.

Santa Teresa 1796 Rum, 70cl

Santa Teresa 1796 was released in 1996 and has had huge success and enjoyment since this date, commemorating the 200th anniversary of Santa Teresa’s foundation. With bronze amber hues and an aroma rich in honey, sherry and bitter brazil nuts, Santa Teresa is dry on the palate and wonderfully mellow. Chocolate and vanilla notes are released as you enjoy each sip and it ends on a satisfying and rounded buttery note.

Santa Teresa Claro Rum, 70cl

Claro is a blend of carefully selected rums aged in white American oak for an average of three years.

Sapling Vodka, 70cl

Buttery and soft, with a hint of caraway, giving it a herbaceous touch. The high starch content of our wheat also leaves a unique natural sweetness.

Sazerac Rye, 75cl

Sazerac straight rye whisky takes its name from the New Orleans coffee house which was known as the home of the sazerac cocktail. Without this exceptional whisky, the cocktail would be nowhere near as great. Aromas of vanilla, anise, pepper and clove are released but the flavour is subtler, with candied spice and sweet citrus taking over.


Scorpions Rock n Roll Star whisky provides a delicious aroma of fruity vanilla from the ex-­bourbon barrels, rich notes of dried fruit and toasted nuts from the oloroso barrels, and a pleasant delicate sweet touch of sherry cask gives this whisky a perfect balance.

Seedlip Garden 108, 70cl

What to drink when you're not drinking. The World's first distilled Non-alcoholic spirits, based on 17th-century apothecary remedies. Garden 108. With Herbal, Grassy, Floral notes.


A zesty & complex, citrus-forward blend of three types of orange & uplifting spice distillates. The 42 in Seedlip Grove 42 refers to the year 1542 when the word orange was first used to describe the colour as well as the fruit.

Seedlip Spice 94, 70cl

What to drink when you're not drinking. The World's first distilled Non-alcoholic spirits, based on 17th-century apothecary remedies. Spice 94. Distilled with 2 Woods, 2 Spices and 2 Citrus Peels.

Seven Tails Brandy, 70cl

The inception of Seven Tails in unique, Cognac, Armagnac and the finest French brandies aged 3-30 years are aged in oak barrels then finished in port wood casks to achieve a rich depth of flavour encompassing tasting notes of praline, dried fig and toasted vanilla.

SEXTON, 70cl

The Sexton is exclusively matured in Oloroso sherry casks to achieve a perfect balance between bold, dried fruits and memorable toasted oak notes to offer a smooth finish.

Sigognac Armagnac 10yr, 70cl

Lots of roundness in the mouth with floral, woody and spicy notes leading to a long and pleasing finish of grilled almonds and vanilla.

Sigognac Armagnac 20yr, 70cl

Very supple on the nose, dominated by impressions of vanilla and reminiscent of brioche.

Sigognac Armagnac VSOP, 70cl

Very good balance in the mouth, endowed with a suave vanilla taste with notes of crystallised fruits that is very rare in a VSOP.

Silent Pool Gin, 70cl

Silent Pool Gin is a classic gin at heart, full bodied and fresh with depth, clarity and flavour. A rich and clean juniper-driven spirit, Silent Pool Gin is produced using 24 botanicals and the cool, clear spring-water from the Silent Pool itself. The delicate flavours of lavender and chamomile combine with fresh citrus notes and a velvety local honey, to create a well-balanced gin that is both traditional and refreshingly individual in nature.

Sipsmith, 70cl

A traditional gin distilled in hammersmith, Sipsmith’s brings together ingredients from around the world. its juniper is Macedonian, its coriander Bulgarian and its almonds and liquorice are sourced from Spain. This is just the beginning and this genuine London distilled one-shot gin bursts with clean and woody flavours which are both satisfying and tempting. Juniper and coriander take centre stage in the traditional gin and zesty citrus comes through later with a hint of spice. Liquorice comes through in a final flourish and lingers in the mouth.

Sipsmith Sloe, 50cl

An award-winner with additional sloe, what’s not to like? sipsmith’s london dry gin has been combined wonderfully with fresh hand-picked sloe berries at the height of ripeness. the end resuLtr is the rich and luxurious sloegin which simply bursts with fresh fruit flavour. redcurrant and winter fruit aromas are released on opening and on tasting cassis and hints of warm cherry come through, offering a rounded flavour which benefits from a velvet smooth mouth feel and balanced sweetness. a must for all sloe gin fans.

Sipsmith VJOP, 70cl

The clue’s in the name – very junipery over proof, sipsmith’s have created a juniper lover’s dream. firmly in the driving seat of this aromatic gin is juniper, its pine-driven aroma released on opening and mingling with cedar wood. the taste too is very heavy on the juniper with rich spices supporting and even notes of dark chocolate. the heavy juniper flavour tapers off to a fine balance in the end which is long, dry and uLtrimately satisfying.

Sipsmith Vodka, 70cl

Mega yum! Sipsmith boys came up trumps with this one. super silky mouthfeel with notes of lemon barley water and crushed up breakfast cereal from your schooldays. This is followed by a creamy vanilla moment before more lemon and eventually a brief hard-boiled barley sugar with orange rind. Finish is silky and leaves you with a lovely lemon barley note and a desire for more of the same.

Siren's Call Caribbean Spiced Rum, 75cl

The nose is met with a deep, ester-heavy Jamaican Rum, with fragrant spiced notes of preserved lime, lemongrass, vanilla and ginger. On the palate, ginger is more pronounced but balances harmoniously with caramelised butterscotch ageing of the rum. Bacco and banana coming through in tandem. It ends with spiciness at its heart.

Siwucha Vodka, 50cl

Developed to faithfully replicate the vodkas of old through the addition of a portion of unrectified barley spirit, this is perhaps as close as it's possible to (legally) get to real, genuine vodka from the old country

Skipper Rum, 70cl

Full-bodied and packed with deep brown sugar notes, the skipper is a molasses-based rum which brings together seven different individual rums. Its deep mahogany hues hide a brawny, bittersweet flavour which is burnt on the palate and features crème Brulee notes. Raisins, vanilla and hot clove spice come through strongly and it has a real strength of character which helps it stand out and gives it all the characteristics of a quality navy-style rum.

Skyy Passion Vodka, 70cl

Lemon and strawberry slush puppies flavours on first taste followed by waves of Umbongo and African passion fruit flavours. The kick is tart and wrapped in more lemon slush puppies and passion fruit. The finish is short, sweet and to the point.

Skyy Vodka, 70cl

This one is bursting with clean mineral and lemon notes. Sweet grain notes appear followed by soft lemon curd. These fade into a white pepper and lime zest finish that still retains the aforementioned flinty mineral notes. Very clean and well put together vodka; sadly often overlooked.

Slane Irish Whisky, 70cl

Spicy and oaky with rich caramel and vanilla, finishes with butterscotch an dried fruit

Smirnoff Apple Vodka, 70cl

Tart apple and sweet cereal notes followed by granny smith and baked bread flavours. The kicks are sharp and followed by bright lemon and green apple flavours.

Smirnoff Black Vodka, 70cl

Full-bodied vodka that shows of its copper pot origins. This one has a soft nuttiness that remains from start to finish. Inbetween are fresh notes of Morrocan mint and chestnut paste. The finish is cracked black pepper on hot toast with a faint hazelnut taste. Impressive stuff for the Smirnoff crew.


Made with vodka, infused with real fruit essence & no artificial flavours.

Smirnoff Red, 70cl

The one that started it all! Pepper and peppermint note start-up upon entry. These move aside as a clean sweetness takes over and then finishes with white pepper and a faint yet recognizable liquorice ending. Classic little number that we've all done time with.

Smirnoff Red Vodka, 1.5ltr

The one that started it all! Pepper and peppermint note start-up upon entry. These move aside as a clean sweetness takes over and then finishes with white pepper and a faint yet recognizable liquorice ending. The classic little number that we've all done time with.

Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka, 70cl

Custard and jam roly-poly flavours at first followed by waves of vanilla and lemon zest. Baked sponge and custard coats the kick and the finish is short but full of vanilla beans and lemon lollypops.

Smith & Cross Gold Rum, 70cl

One of the rare 100% pot still rums out there, smith & cross is a Jamaican favourite which allows tropical fruity flavours to define its character. A hit of pineapple is your first hint at the flavours within and the nose develops with further spicier notes of clove, pepper and intriguing hot chilli. On tasting, you’ll enjoy a warm, buttery opening which bursts into a fiery chilli-based heat, peppered with cinnamon and clove. This heat is tempered by balancing vanilla and muscovado sugar notes, bringing smith & cross to a mellower endnote.

Snow Queen Vodka, 70cl

Luxury voka from Khasikstan. Soft wheat and creamy vanilla ice cream notes give way to pink peppercorn and lime rind. The finish is silky and remains on a peppercorn taste for a moment before a solid spice and citrus close. Super slick and well made vodka. Best served ice cold.

Somerset Cider Brandy 3yr, 70cl

A wonderfully blended and nurtured brandy, three barrels combines the traditional flavours we all know and love and adds a twist. Three barrels are a blend of selected Eaux de vie from famous french wine regions and it has been handcrafted and matured in French oak barrels, delivering the smooth taste and touches of both candied sweet fruits and hot, spicy ginger. The spicy notes are mellowed by the sweetened fruit and nuttier notes of walnut and almond also help to deliver the perfect balance.

Sourz Apple, 70cl

Sourz Apple is a very fresh and crisp tasting liqueur, very intense apple flavour.

Sourz Cherry, 70cl

A cherry flavoured liqueur from the very popular sourz range.

Sourz Raspberry, 70cl

A delicious berry liqueur, Sourz Raspberry is very popular in the various discotheques of our green and pleasant land. Intense flavour.

South Bank Dry Gin, 70cl

Distilled at the thames distillery, this gin is made to be value for money and primarily used for mixing.

Stolichnaya Citrus Vodka, 70cl

Sweet waves of lemon sherbert followed by zingy lemon cake and rock salt. Sweet kick of lemon rind and caster sugar followed by a short lemon squash finish.

Stolichnaya Elit, 70cl

Seriously clean vodka bursting with citrus zest and crème anglais notes. there is a wave of faint apple followed by big mineral crispness that evntually settles down into a clean and silky smooth finish with lingering lemon zest and hot toasty pepper. mega yum offering from the stolichnaya team. serve from fridge to get the very best from it.

Stolichnaya Razberi Vodka, 70cl

Sweet layers of tart raspberry move into chalky yet sweet notes of raspberry lemonade. The kicks is tart and zingy and are rescued by a big raspberry and blueberry finish. Mouthfeel is semi-full.

Stolichnaya Red Vodka, 70cl

Classic Russian style of vodka. Lemon follows pepper, followers faint grain notes. The finish is medium-bodied and has white pepper and lemon rind tang. Great stuff that never lets you down. Serve from the freezer for best results.

Stolichnaya Red Vodka, 1.5ltr

Triple distilled and triple filtered through quartz, charcoal and then quartz again.

Stolichnaya Salted Karamel Vodka, 70cl

Melted caramel and peanuts upon entry followed by waves of sweet chocolate. Caramel takes over the mid palette and moves into peanut brittle and palm sugar notes. The kick is super smooth and the finish is a mixture of snickers and hard candy with a faint lick of rock salt. Yum, stuff!

Stolichnaya Vanilla Vodka, 70cl

Baked vanilla and lemon cake give way to sweet waves of lemonade and cornish ice cream. A lemon undertone remains a constant and saves it from being overly sweet. The kicks is pretty silky and the finish is full of cloudy lemonade and crème anglaise. Yum!


A delicious zero proof alternative to traditional gin, made from a combination of Juniper Rosemary and Basil Distillates and botanicals.

Sw4, 70cl

Clapham’s finest gin, sw4 is proud of its heritage and offers a classic London dry gin flavour. Twelve botanicals are combined to create the flavours and it’s the musky aroma of angelica root which is first released, with mushroom undertones. On tasting, juniper is rich and florid and the palate is generally dry with strong bitter and spicy notes. Lavender and cucumber stand out against lemon peel and orris root with a woody finish to savour.

Talisker 10yr Whisky, 70cl

A classic from the isle of Skye and a critically acclaimed offering, Talisker 10 year old is a tangy and tasty malt. The nose is bitingly sharp with thick pungent smoke. Apple peels and light fragrant notes help to mellow the sharpness which is how the flavour is dominated with smoke, peppery peat and real intensity. The long finish is welcomingly sweet, with barley and malt, mellows the intense peaty and smoke.

Talisker Port Ruighe Whisky, 70cl

Flavours of the middle east are rich in this offering. Talisker’s port ruighe is wonderfully fruity and rich in notes of turkish delight. The nose is heavily doused in rose water, saLtred caramel and dried fruit. This leads into a beautifully decadent and aromatic flavour, turkish delight on the palate and a burnt toffee end note which adds smoky depth to a very sweet and florid offering. A fine port-finished whisky with fine exotic notes.

Talisker Storm Malt Whisky, 70cl

Stormy by name, stormy by nature Talisker storm is a youthful whisky which has the characteristics of the Talisker distillery as well as smoky notes and an interestingly complex flavour profile. An initially briny nose leads into a banana, citrus and white pepper notes. This multi-faceted nose leads into a similar palate, with additional wood smoke and biting chilli heat. It ends on a dry note, satisfying and welcome.

Tanqueray  , 70cl

Perfectly created to make your cocktails shine, tanqueray special dry uses the original tanqueray recipe. one-shot processes ensure a stunning and mellow gin which is perfectly blended into many combinations. aromas of juniper and subtle lemon welcome you to try and this leads to flavours of spiced juniper, cedar, coriander and subtle notes of crystallised fruit. light peppery notes come through at the end blending harmoniously with lingering juniper.

Tanqueray 10, 1ltr

An exceptional small-batch gin, named for the pot still in which it is made (pot still number ten).

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