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Angels Peach, 70cl

Angels is a peach flavoured schnapps that is perfect over crushed ice or blended with fruit juice, lemonade or tonic water for a long, cool, chilled drink.

Archers Peach, 70cl

A name everyone is familiar with and a flavour that’s hard to forget, archers peach schnapps has been popular since before most of us can remember. The natural flavour of the peach has been sweetened to create a moreish and endlessly drinkable taste which is most commonly and effectively paired with lemonade and crushed ice. Archers strong, sweet flavour also makes it a great choice for popping into an exotic or tropical cocktail.

Jungfrau, 70cl

Jungfrau is a 30% abv herbal liqueur containing a carefully selected blend of more than 40 spices, herbs and their roots, fruits and their peels, and flowers. Aniseed, bitter orange and white turmeric are added to achieve the product's unique taste and aroma.

Jungfrau Herbal, 70cl

A unique blend of fermented and distilled alcohol infused with herbs, spices & botanicals.

Messer Schmitt, 70cl

A great value special blend of herbal and spice flavours smooth and rich with a bitter yet rounded finish. Best served über chilled.

Sourz Apple, 70cl

Sourz Apple is a very fresh and crisp tasting liqueur, very intense apple flavour.

Sourz Cherry, 70cl

A cherry flavoured liqueur from the very popular sourz range.

Sourz Raspberry, 70cl

A delicious berry liqueur, Sourz Raspberry is very popular in the various discotheques of our green and pleasant land. Intense flavour.

Teichenne Butterscotch, 70cl

The most famous and popular flavour from Spanish producer Teichenne, butterscotch is a creamy and powerful liqueur which is enjoyed wonderfully over crushed ice or simply on its own. One of the creamier schnapps on the market, the intense flavour of Teichenne’s butterscotch is wonderful when combined with dessert cocktails or even poured decadently over ice cream. Techienne butterscotch schnapps is sweet, enticing and if you’re partial to a cream-based cocktail, this is definitely one for you.

Teichenne Chocolate, 70cl

Death by chocolate doesn’t sound too bad and when you consider Teichienne chocolate has a good dose of schnapps in there too, it sounds even better. Teichienne chocolate is sweet and velvety in the mouth, with the indulgent chocolate notes ideal for crafting a decadent chocolate martini or dripping delicately over dessert. Warming and more than welcome on a cold winter night, Teichienne chocolate liqueur is wonderfully balanced and surprisingly delicate considering its decadence.

Teichenne Green Apple, 70cl

Fresh with notes of bitterness, fragrant Teichienne green apple liqueur is perfect for both summer and winter drinks. The green apple flavour is both juicy and refreshing, with sweet satisfying undertones that aren’t overpowering or too sugar. Teichienne green apple is drier and lighter than other apple schnapps which makes it a popular choice for cocktails where the addition of apple is desired without a heavy hit of sugar.

Teichenne Peach, 70cl

Perennially popular peach! There are very few people out there who don’t enjoy a hit of peach flavour in their drinks every now and again. Whether it’s simply to fancy up a lemonade, add a touch of freshness to a champagne cocktail or an alternative edge to an exotic drink Teichenne peach is warm and intense peach schnapps. Essential for an authentic fuzzy navel, enjoy an immediate hit of peach when sipping any drink with Teichenne added in.

Teichenne Raspberry, 70cl

Capturing the flavour of the delicate raspberry isn’t an easy task but Teichenne does it in style. Teichenne Raspberry schnapps is bursting with fruit flavours and fresh berry aromas. the essence of raspberry is present from the off and it’s a wonderful addition to spritzers, great for mixing up bellinis and even adding to the occasional martini. Perfect for mixing up the classics, Teichenne raspberry brings something refreshingly different to the table.

Teichenne Strawberry, 70cl

There’s nothing sweeter than a succulent strawberry to pep up your favourite sparkling summer drink. Teichenne strawberry schnapps is the perfect addition to your drinks cabinet and it adds a touch of real summer flavour to your cocktails and concoctions. Whether you fancy a strawberry daiquiri or champagne with a twist, Teichenne strawberry schnapps offers a fresh and fragrant bouquet of berries, with the essence of strawberries present throughout. Smooth from start to finish.

Teichenne Vanilla, 70cl

A fragrant and aromatic schnapps rich in vanilla and inviting in many different ways, Teichenne vanilla works wonderfully with so many different flavours. Whether it’s the centrepiece in a cocktail of its own or it plays a secondary role in a creamy indulgent drink, Teichenne vanilla is intensely flavoured and an authentic addition to your drinks cabinet. Its creaminess is perfect for teaming with other dessert flavours.

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