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Monin Peach, 70cl

There’s more to peaches than your favourite bottle of archers, add peach syrup to other spirits, cocktails and more. Monin peach syrup retains the super sweet flavour of the white peach and exudes sweet, enticing aromas of the ancient fruit. Whether you team it with white spirits or dark, or simply pop a couple of drops into your favourite long drink, the enduring peach flavour will enhance the overall flavour of your chosen tipple.

Monin Pineapple, 70cl

We dare you to try a classic pina colada without a sharp dash of pineapple syrup. yes, you could opt for juice or fresh fruit but Monin pineapple syrup has a sweet, juicy flavour and you’re immediately hit with the scent of freshly ripened pineapples, refreshing and tart. You can combine the syrup with much more than your favourite pina Coladas too, try it in a rum cocktail or pop it into a long island ice tea for something a little different from the norm.

Monin Pink Grapefruit Syrup, 70cl

With a subtle smell of fresh pink grapefruit and notes of grapefruit peel and flower. MONIN Pink Grapefruit syrup provides a sweet, juicy taste and a refreshing harmony between the bitterness and acidity of the fruit.

Monin Pink Peppercorn Syrup, 70cl

With its intense pink colour, naturally sweetheart and notes of red fruit, pink peppercorn packs a unique aromatic punch. Use MONIN Pink Peppercorn syrup to impart body and exotic flavours.

Monin Pistachio, 70cl

Delicately sweet, evoking memories of decadent handmade ice cream, Monin pistachio is both distinctive and can be added to all kinds of drinks from creamy coffees to milk-based cocktails as well as those using chocolate-based spirits and liqueurs. with a biblical background, pistachio is an ancient and memorable flavour which lends itself to winter warmers and thick, luxurious drinks which need a hit of something extra to add interest and depth.

Monin Pomegranate, 70cl

A burst of red berries accompanies the flavour of Monin pomegranate syrup, inviting you to add a dash to all your favourite drinks. a complex flavour profile, Monin pomegranate syrup is principally a sweet and boldly fragrant mixture of the exotic pomegranate with other flavourful red berries including cherries and redcurrants. Create stunning ruby red cocktails, add a spark to spirit and lemonade long drinks or try out something completely different.

Monin Popcorn, 70cl

Intense buttery popcorn on the nose with a strong balanced buttery note. well rounded buttery popcorn finish with light roasted after taste.


Monin Strawberry syrup has the rich flavour of fresh strawberries, a subtle and creamy taste with a touch of strawberry jam.

Monin Rose, 70cl

A delicate and traditionally English flavour, the rose has become highly popular in cocktails and long drinks. It’s a way of adding a fragrant and aromatic essence to your delicate, fruity cocktails. you can create a delicate, romantic cocktail with this vibrant pink rose syrup from Monin. The delicate perfume of the rose blooms from the bottle and the flowery intense flavour is wonderfully teamed with light fruity cocktails and even the occasional milk-based drink.

Monin Salted Caramel, 70cl

The decadence of caramel combined with the complement of salt makes for a surprising flavour pairing. The salted caramel syrup delivers this sultry sweetness to create rich, delicious hot and cold drinks of every kind.

Monin Strawberry Bon (Candy), 70cl

Developed to rediscover one of the flavours of childhood, Monin candy strawberry delivers a mouth-filling strawberry burst, inspired by the famous french sweets fraise tagada.


Texture : liquid, Flavour : characteristic of tangerine, Colour : cloudy orange.

Monin Vanilla, 70cl

One of the classic flavours that Monin have always known works, vanilla can be teamed with so many other flavours it’s a must for your drinks cabinet. One of the most versatile syrup flavours there is, Monin vanilla syrup is intensely flavoured with vanilla pods and its nose includes notes of brandy as well as vanilla. Intensify the aromatic nature of your creamy cocktails, add decadence to your coffee liqueurs or simply add a tot when you can’t be without your favourite flavour.

Monin Violet, 70cl

Parma violets – did you love them or hate them? either way, you probably remember them and their flavour is wonderfully brought to life in Monin violet syrup. With an authentic aroma of fresh violet blossom, the flavour combines acidity and a touch of sweetness which has a candy-inspired edge. The violently violet hues of the syrup make it ideal for bright, floral drinks as well as candy-themed cocktails and fragrant long drinks.

Monin Watermelon, 70cl

One of the most popular flavours in central and eastern Europe watermelon is refreshing and an alternative flavour for your favourite cocktails and drinks. Create a new classic with Monin watermelon syrup and enjoy the thirst-quenching flavour of the fresh watermelon teamed with your favourite spirits and soft drink/mixer/mixers. Though delicate, the flavour of the watermelon lingers and works wonderfully in exotic punches and sparkling cocktails, with the purity of the taste taking centre stage.


MONIN Winter Spice syrup is the ultimate blend of spices that enhances all your winter drinks. This flavour combination of ginger, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and a little bit of chilli will bring a subtle, warm and cosy feeling to all your creations.

Monin Yellow Banana, 70cl

Sweet and mellow and powerfully close in flavour to the fruit it bears the name of, Monin yellow banana syrup has everything but the texture of an actual banana. With a silky-smooth banana flambe flavour and a lingering ripe banana scent, you can add this syrup to all manner of cocktail creations, from layered cream-based drinks to those long drinks that simply need one more flavour to complete them.

RE'AL Agave Syrup, 50cl

An organic syrup made with the nectar of blue agaves grown in the Jalisco region of Mexico. Perfect for adding natural sweetness to your drinks.

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