Rinquinquin A La Peche

Rinquinquin à la pêche is made using three different types of peach - Cardinale, coronet and June gold. As if this wasn't enough peach for you, they also used the leaves from peach trees, harvests just before autumn. The leaves and peaches are all macerated separately in alcohol and white wine. Afterwards, the liquid is added to the white wine, while the solids leftover is distilled and added to the mix. Perfect for a summer aperitif, rinquinquin à la pêche goes well with tonic water or served long and over ice. The terms rinquinquin was originally a generic word. In the Provencal language, it means invigorating drink (from the verb requinquilhar: to cheer up).
Style Vermouth, Aperitifs & Amaro
Country France
Bottle Size 75cl
ABV 15%
Product Code 7376
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