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Café Borghetti, 70cl

The true taste of Italian coffee is perfectly instilled in this Cafe Borgetti liqueur. Strong rich espresso coffee comes through on the palate and a sweet and smooth taste ensures it goes down wonderfully. A traditional recipe which uses premium coffees and expert soft drink/mixer/mixers ensure that the original recipe of Ugo Borghetti is replicated every time, ensuring that classic flavour is perennially enjoyed and the glass you sip today is as close to possible as the first invented in 1860.

Ceylon Arrack, 70cl

Nutty Sri Lankan arrack is a distinctively flavoured drink which utilises the flavours of some of the country’s most naturally occurring plants. The sap of the coconut flower stem forms the key ingredient of the drink and is combined with a range of hand-picked botanicals and distilled in a traditional column still. The result is a flavour which is reminiscent of diluted whisky with recognisable nutty and malted notes and the added fruitiness of dried strawberry. a truly unique flavour.

Disaronno Amaretto, 70cl

It’s hard to believe but Disaronno amaretto does not contain any nuts, simply their enticing flavour. Reminiscent of amaretti biscuits and the world’s favourite Italian liqueur, almond aromas are deep, intense and deliver a flavour which is popular around the world. Combining natural herbs and fruit steeped in apricot kernel oil, Disaronno Amaretto has a heady and floral scent which follows through to its flavour. With a history dating back over half a millennium, Disaronno Amaretto is a flavour which has always been loved.

Galliano L' Autentico, 50cl

Galliano l’Autentico is a genuine Italian classic. its golden yellow hues hide a multitude of flavours, all-natural and all blended using a traditional process which has been stuck to for many years. The flavour of Galliano l’Autentico is created through the harmonious balance of Mediterranean herbs and plants as well as those from further afield, creating an aromatic, herbal tonic which leads into a softer, mellower flavour, wonderful for sipping after dinner. Sweet and tempting, the flavour of aniseed is at the heart of this liqueur.

Kahlua, 70cl

The coffee liqueur which is known best around the world, Kahlua uses coffee beans from Mexico before being produced by the master blenders at Heering in Denmark. The strong coffee notes come through immediately on the nose and its thick texture is welcome on the palate with a sweet chocolate flavour coming through alongside the coffee. Try the 1950s classic of Kahlua and milk, which allows the intense flavour of the coffee to come through wonderfully.

King's Ginger, 50cl

The king’s ginger liqueur is a high-strength aromatic drink which is produced through the careful maceration of ginger root and the addition of warm and aromatic lemon oil. The flavour is rich and intensely spiced with ginger and a golden syrup-like thickness. The bite of ginger and tartness of the lemon make this a drink which hits the palate with a bang but soon mellows and becomes extremely satisfying.

Luxardo Amaretto, 70cl

The classic almond liqueur from the famed Italian producers Luxardo. Luxardo amaretto is elegant and refined, presenting in attractive packaging and can be drunk in a wide range of different ways. bright amber pours from the bottle and delivers a nose fresh in sweet almonds and vanilla. The flavour too is satisfying sweet with just a little heat and a rounded finish which delivers real class. Sip slowly after dinner, pop into your next champagne or combine in any number of classic cocktails.

Luxardo Limoncello, 70cl

The fantastic Luxardo team are back again with a faultlessly crafted limoncello. An infusion of lemon peels steeped in alcohol delivers the fresh biting flavour of limoncello and Luxardo has perfected the art of producing drinks that work. Bright yellow hues are home to the punchy fragrance of freshly cut lemons and the taste is rounded and harmonious, with a sharp freshness on the palate, just like the nose. Enjoy with dessert or just afterwards.

Luxardo Maraschino, 70cl

Smooth but sharp, a sweet liqueur unusual for the punch of the distillate, which can be clearly perceived in spite of the moderate alcohol content. A rounded taste and a surprisingly persistent aroma.

Malibu, 1.5ltr

Nothing says the Caribbean quite like the sweet taste of the coconut and with malibu not only do you get that, you also get the sweet, heady taste of premium white rum. the coconut flavour is strong and the lightness of the rum allows for a welcome smoothness. The coconut notes blend wonderfully with a sweet molasses flavour which delivers an almost dairy-like flavour, inviting and essential for the most exotic Caribbean cocktails.

Malibu, 70cl

Nothing says the Caribbean quite like the sweet taste of the coconut and with malibu not only do you get that, you also get the sweet, heady taste of premium white rum. The coconut flavour is strong and the lightness of the rum allows for a welcome smoothness. The coconut notes blend wonderfully with a sweet molasses flavour which delivers an almost dairy-like flavour, inviting and essential for the most exotic Caribbean cocktails.

Margarita Mix (Cuervo), 1ltr

Designed to be the perfect partner to their wide range of eye-popping tequilas, Jose Cuervo’s margarita mix has been carefully concocted to create the perfect margarita. Ready to drink, simply pop a few shots of Margarita mix with your favourite tequila and you’ve got a classic margarita ready to go. Add lemon, add lime or add nothing at all and enjoy the authentic taste of the Mexican classic. Margarita mix has a sharp, sour flavour that combines both the zing of fresh Mexican limes and triple sec.

Mozart Black, 50cl

The darkest of all Mozart liqueurs, Mozart black offers a strong flavour of deep, dark chocolate. Sugar cane spirit and chocolate macerate containing 87% pure cocoa deliver a rich, bitter chocolate flavour which is complemented by notes of real bourbon vanilla from Madagascar and caramel. The darkness of the chocolate has a smoky edge and is perfect for those creamier cocktails and dessert drinks. Though the darkest of dark chocolates isn’t for everyone, this Mozart liqueur certainly gets the most from such an intense flavour.

Saliza Amaretto, 70cl

A premium amaretto which doesn’t disappoint, Saliza amaretto manages to balance a light body with an intense flavour. It’s rich with sweet marzipan and uses refined almond distillate to create its exceptional flavour. The nose is rich with those almonds alongside toffee and zesty orange peel and on the palate, it really is the fresh flavour of almonds that sings, with the sweet marzipan rounding the flavour beautifully.

Taylor’s Velvet Falernum Cordial, 70cl

Velvet falernum is low alcohol and lightly sweet triple sec style liqueur. Produced in Barbados the liqueur is flavoured with aromatic clove, almonds and fresh leaves. The sugarcane-based is wonderfully sweet and helps the other flavours blend beautifully – the unique part of this flavour is definitely delivered by the lime and sugar combination which zings and the botanical warmth of the cloves adds a further dimension to the drink.

Tia Maria, 70cl

A drink used to live in Jamaican country clubs, tia maria marries sweet cane sugar with intense coffee to create an enticing and tantalising coffee liqueur that has become world-renowned. There’s a bitter burnt edge to its flavour which mellows as you drink, with dark chocolate notes marrying sweetly with the intense coffee hit. Warm spices and hints at pepper give the drink a deeper intensity and its low abv makes it a wonderful aperitif, perfect for deepening the flavour of your after-dinner coffee or simply over ice as an evening treat.

Warninks Advocaat, 70cl

Recognisable from its red and yellow bottle and a Christmas favourite, there’s nothing to say you can’t enjoy Warninks Advocaat throughout the year. Just four ingredients deliver the unique and popular flavour: brandy, vanilla, sugar and egg yolks. The flavour is rich like vanilla custard and thick and syrupy in texture, with that bite of brandy providing a warm and satisfying kick. Essential for your festive snowball but enjoyable at any time of the year.

Yeni Raki, 70cl

Turkey’s national drink, raki is a sweet, clear brandy which teases the tongue and brings together spicy, hot and sweet notes in perfect harmony. The deep anise flavour is what you’ll take away from each sip of Yeni raki but the flavour is much more complex than that with minty undertones and sugar beet sweetness. First produced in 1944 Yeni raki is one of Turkey’s most famous raki products and is one which can be enjoyed as an unforgettable aperitif.

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