Amaro Averna

Averna is an authentic Italian after-dinner liqueur, known as amaro or digestivo (bitter or digestif) in Italy, created according to a closely guarded secret recipe originating in the Benedictine abbey of Caltanissetta, Sicily in 1868. The link between the territory and the drink is clear. The deep brown, red-golden tint of Averna evokes memories of the warm Sicilian atmosphere. The citrus tones that come through are reminiscent of Sicily’s famous oranges and lemons and even the label, with its ochre hue, is carefully selected to replicate that of the sandstone typical of the Caltanissetta region.
Style Vermouth, Aperitifs & Amaro
Sub-style Amaro
Country Italy
Bottle Size 70cl
ABV 29%
Product Code 384
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