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Diplomatico Mantuano, 70cl

Aged for up to eight years, Mantuano is a blend of Column, Batch Kettle and Pot Still rums and made from molasses and sugar cane honeys. It is fantastic when mixed in cocktails, or sipped neat.

Dolin Chamberyzette, 75cl

Chamberyzette is a French Aperitif made with Dolin’s vermouth and flavoured with wild strawberry juice.

Dolin Vermouth Blanc, 75cl

Dolin has been made to the same recipe in the Alpine hills around Chambéry since 1821 and was awarded the only Appellation d’Origine for vermouth in 1932. The style is on the lighter and drier side, being sugared to around 130g/l.

Lindisfarne Mead, 70cl

The holy island of Lindisfarne brings us more than religious piety, Lindisfarne Mead is a classic, traditional drink which is enjoyed in households around the country. Using honey which is sourced from around the world Lindisfarne Mead is a velvety smooth fortified wine which uses the natural water from an artesian well to develop its flavour. Herbs and fermented grape juice bring out the flavour and aLtrogether a sweet, light flavour is created.

Metaxa 12yr Old, 70cl

A fabulous blend of brandy which has matured for up to 12 years and Muscat wines from the Samos region goes together to create Metaxa 12 Star. Floral, Herby and pleasantly sweet.

Seedlip Garden 108, 70cl

What to drink when you're not drinking. The World's first distilled Non-alcoholic spirits, based on 17th-century apothecary remedies. Garden 108. With Herbal, Grassy, Floral notes.

Cantinero Blanco, 70cl

Produced at the famous La Mexicana Fabrica in Tequila Town, Jalisco, Mexico. Made from agave grown exclusively on the Tepecoste Hill in the lowlands. Triple distilled & unaged.

Diplomatico Planas,

An extremely flavoursome white rum, with a pleasantly oily texture, well-balanced sweetness and an intriguing fresh tropical flavour. A great sipping rum but at 47% carrying enough weight and character to make a great Daiquiri.

Jameson Caskmates IPA, 70cl

Jameson Irish whiskey finished in craft beer barrels for a crisp and hoppy taste.

Old Curiosity Gin Chamomile & Cornflower, 50cl

A fabulously floral gin from The Old Curiosity Distillery, set in the grounds of the mysterious Secret Herb Garden on the outskirts of Edinburgh

Seedlip Grove 42, 70cl

A zesty & complex, citrus-forward blend of three types of orange & uplifting spice distillates. The 42 in Seedlip Grove 42 refers to the year 1542 when the word orange was first used to describe the colour as well as the fruit.

Seedlip Spice 94, 70cl

What to drink when you're not drinking. The World's first distilled Non-alcoholic spirits, based on 17th-century apothecary remedies. Spice 94. Distilled with 2 Woods, 2 Spices and 2 Citrus Peels.

Stryyk Not Gin, 70cl

A delicious zero proof alternative to traditional gin, made from a combination of Juniper Rosemary and Basil Distillates and botanicals.

Stryyk Not Rum, 70cl

A delicious zero proof alternative to traditional rum, made from a combination of Oakwood, Grapefruit and Clove Distillates and botanicals.

Stryyk Not Vodka, 70cl

A delicious zero proof alternative to traditional vodka, made from a combination of Menthol, Mint, Coriander and Cucumber Distillates and botanicals

Yamazakura, 70cl

‘Yama’ meaning mountain, and ‘Sakura’ referring to cherry trees, the symbol of ephemeral beauty. The blend of 4 malt and grain whiskies are chosen especially for this product.


Fruity & spice notes from over 3 years it’s spent ageing in virgin American Oak barrels, undisturbed. The perfectly balanced tequila boasts complex notes of oak, agave, and demerara.


A special limited-edition bottle of Jack Daniel’s, celebrating a not-often-discussed part of the whiskey’s history: the days when it had a bright green and gold label. In the bottle, it’s Old No.7, but at 43% ABV, giving it a more punch than the regular release. A must for collectors and fans of Jack Daniel’s classic Tennessee style.


Another release of the Ocotmore range by Bruichladdich, this one has been peated to 156ppm and matured in first fill American Oak.


Made solely from Barley grown on Irene’s Farm on Islay and peated to 133 ppm and aged for 5 years in mostly first fill American Oak.

Old Curiosity Gin Apothecary Rose,

A marvellous floral Scottish gin from the Old Curiosity distillery on the outskirts of Edinburgh in the Secret Herb Garden.


Scorpions Rock n Roll Star whisky provides a delicious aroma of fruity vanilla from the ex-­bourbon barrels, rich notes of dried fruit and toasted nuts from the oloroso barrels, and a pleasant delicate sweet touch of sherry cask gives this whisky a perfect balance.


Basil, green apple and honey on the nose, on the palate there is grapefruit, green grapes, peppermint and thyme the finish is subtly sweet and a spicy finish with a hint of vanilla oak white pepper and ginger.

Bimber Aged Oak Vodka, 70cl

Fruity & spice notes from over 3 years it’s spent ageing in virgin American Oak barrels, undisturbed. The perfectly balanced tequila boasts complex notes of oak, agave, and demerara.

Grey Goose Vanilla Vodka, 70cl

The bottling is made by blending Grey Goose with natural vanilla flavour sourced from beans harvested in Madagascar. Grey Goose La Vanille is recommended served in an Espresso Martini.

KAKUZO, 70cl

Made by Tea. Formed by Time. A blend of Japanese Green Sencha, Chinese Keemun Earl Grey and Indian Black Assam tea; infused in a rye vodka retaining flavour and sweetness (no sugar added).

Liverpool Vodka, 70cl

Liverpool Vodka is a premium artisanal potato-based vodka which provides a deliciously creamy mouthfeel, punctuated with fragrant notes of freshly cracked black peppercorns. Freshly grated lemon peel balanced with hints of sugar almonds and bonfire toffee provide the bright top notes while the finish and smooth ending with freshly whipped cream and lemon balm.

Mahiki Coconut Rum, 1Lt

A 'blend of Caribbean Rum, fine spirits and real coconut' producing a great coconut rum liqueur. Perfect for cocktails and tiki drinks.

Old Curiosity Gin Lavender and Echinacea, 50cl

The Old Curiosity range produced at Edinburgh's Secret Herb Garden is home to a trio of fantastically aromatic, floral gins, including this treat - the Lavender & Echinacea Gin

Bacardi Ginger Rum, 70cl

Bacardi Ginger is a “golden rum infused with ginger flavours” and has been created to respond to “demand for flavoured spirits”. Bacardi predicts that flavoured spirits “will be the next big trend” for the rum category. Described as having a “sweet and spicy taste”, the expression is recommended served with cola or lemonade.

Dead Mans Coffee Rum, 70cl

A blend of Caribbean rum and spices balanced with a rich coffee finish which come across well on the nose as well as the coffee notes coming across when blended with mixers

Dead Mans Fingers Coconut, 70cl

A blend of Caribbean rum and spices balanced with a rich coffee finish which come across well on the nose as well as the coffee notes coming across when blended with mixers

Dead Mans Spiced Rum, 70cl

A blend of Caribbean rum and spices inspired by Cornwall and flavours from the region.


Created using Bounty White Rum, with coconut extracts and sugars macerated at high strength. Smooth mouth feels, with luscious warm coconut and fresh tropical fruit flavours.


Lush and chewy from its pot still content. Great for tiki rum cocktails that need depth and character. Chocolate, hazelnut, toffee, cinnamon and tobacco, ending with caramel and butter.


St Lucia’s most popular rum has light butterscotch and candied fruit aromas. It is soft with rich raisin fruit and hints of honey and vanilla spice from two years’ ageing.


Crafted from Bounty White Rum with natural lime which is macerated at high strength. Full of zesty lime citrus and tropical aromas, with a balanced sweet and citrus finish.


Silky smooth, with tropical and citrus notes: an ideal mixing rum. Aged for 2 years in ex-Bourbon casks for softwood complexity and roundness before filtration to remove colour.


A punchy spiced rum from Australia, Cargo Cult Banana Spiced is a blend of Fijian and Papua New Guinean rum spiced up with a secret recipe that includes Australian bananas from North Queensland. It’s all bananas, all the time, with a backup of sweet spice.

JAH 45 GOLD RUM, 70cl

Pot still rum aged from 3 years blended with unaged pot and column stills. A very easy drinking rum with sweetness at the forefront and a soft, mellow finish. Hints of toffee and liquorice on the nose give way to a burnt caramel finish.


Blend of blend of the column still rum from Clarendon and pot still rums from distilleries such as Hampden, Monymusk and New Yarmouth. All rums are unaged. The proportions of pot vs column make this a medium bodied rum blend.


A medium bodied rum blend with both unaged pot and column still rums from Jamaica. On the palate, the rum slightly sweet with a bit of spice, followed by a liquorice finish.


An overproof spiced rum which is warming and rich with flavours of nutmeg and vanilla. Delicious over ice or with some ginger ale and freshly squeezed limes.


The Snakepit Spiced Rum is full of flavour with an incredibly smooth finish. The rum has flavours of vanilla, caramel and pineapple which can be enjoyed over ice or with a mixer of your choice.


Jamaica Cove Black Pineapple is a homage to the style of rums smugglers would have been imbibing with a tropical twist. It’s a blend of 100% pure Jamaican Pot and Column Still, laced with pineapple, for a luscious tropical flavour profile.

Greenalls Sloe Gin, 70cl

Built upon the same eight botanicals which create the juniper led citrus blend of Greenall’s The Original recipe, Greenall’s Sloe Gin embodies the naturally rich flavour of sloe berries to produce a perfectly warming taste.

Whitley Neill Parma Violet Gin, 70cl

A Luxurious handcrafted gin of exceptional quality with bright vibrant flavours of juniper, herbaceous and floral notes from the Violet. Perfect for sipping over ice and pairing with cocktails and long drinks.

Copperhead Black Batch Gin, 50cl

The sweetness of elderberry paired with black Ceylon tea, alongside juniper, coriander, cardamom, orange zest and angelica.

Copperhead Classic Gin, 50cl

Based on 5 botanicals including juniper, cardamom, orange peel, angelica and coriander.

Duck & Crutch Kensington, 70cl

Duck and Crutch is a juniper-led, warm and smooth gin. Fresh lemon and thyme feature on the nose, followed by a warm spiciness in the body and a floral musk on the finish. All underpinned by the classic piney juniper.

Elephant Sloe Gin, 50cl

Elephant Sloe Gin combines the taste of the award-winning London Dry with the classic flavour of fresh sloes.

Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin, 70cl

It’s spicy but with great citrus, a truly modern Australian gin which captures the essence of contemporary Australia’s heritage in Europe and Asia.

Four Pillars Spiced Negroni, 70cl

Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin is a highly aromatic, rich and spicy gin with great power and intensity.

Herno London Dry Gin, 70cl

A round and smooth London dry gin, with a juniper character, fresh citrus notes and a floral complexity which makes the gin very enjoyable on its own.

Herno Old Tom Gin, 70cl

The Super-smooth texture with a light sweetness and botanical notes. An array of juniper, green and crispy, followed by notes of pine flowers.

J.J. Whitley Violet Gin, 70cl

J.J. Whitley Violet Gin is the product of eight generations of distilling history. Its recipe uses a blend of eight botanicals including juniper, angelica root, coriander and liquorice with a natural flavour burst of the quintessential English country garden flower, the violet.

Liverpool Gin, 70cl

A fantastically sharp organic gin blended with organic handpicked botanicals and grain spirit. Made from the finest ingredients from the quayside including juniper berries, coriander, angelica roots and citrus fruits which results in an excellently balanced yet complex gin.


A vibrant variation on the Boë Gin recipe, which has been infused with violets! Surely an excellent tipple for the summer months, this will go well in a classic G&T and likely make some dynamically colourful cocktails too.


Born from the passion of a father and son, Bonac is handcrafted from start to finish at our family distillery in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. A blend of natural botanicals, Bonac is exceptionally smooth on the palate. Notes of Mint, Cucumber and Pear, with Classic Dry Gin botanicals, deliver a refreshing light finish.

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