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1936 Biere, 30ltr

The water used to brew 1936 biere fiLtrers through the swiss alps, taking up to 25 years to reach the source.

Amstel, 50ltr

Dutch pilsner style lager

Belle Vue Kriek (Fruit Beer), 20ltr

Fruit beer fermented using natural yeast and cherries

Birra Moretti, 30ltr

Italian pale lager founded in 1859

Birra Moretti, 20ltr

Italian pale lager founded in 1859

Budweiser Budvar, 50ltr

700 years of brewing experience

Camden Hells Lager, 30ltr

Made with Bavarian lager yeast, perle and hallertau tradition hops and a house pilsner malt from bamberg. (Camden are one of the only two breweries outside Germany to use it) Hells lager spends 4 weeks in the tank. This is the proper length of time for lagering, the right amount of time for our hells to aquire great depth of flavour.

Camden Pale Ale, 30ltr

Made using simcoe and citra. At a drinkable 4%

Caple Road Craft, 50ltr

Slowly fermented fresh pressed English apple juice - no concentrate, Caple Road is the UK's first canned cider

Estrella Damm, 50ltr

Founded and brewed since 1876 in Barcelona

Franciscan Well Chieftain IPA, 30ltr

IPA brewed in Ireland using citra, tettnager and magnum hops

Franciscan Well Shandon Stout, 30ltr

Light stout from Cork in Ireland

Goose Island 312, 19.5ltr

UnfiLtrered wheat ale from the states

Goose Island Honkers, 19.5ltr

This English bitter by way of Chicago is Goose Island's tip-of-the-hat to this classic beer style. A crystal clear amber with some effervescent bubbles, the Honker's ale's first impression is that of mild English hops aromas, sweet malts and an earthy yeastiness. Perfectly balanced, the floral and spicy hop notes wrap a big bow around the sweet caramel and biscuity malts. Lingering earthy hops are complemented by a decent carbonation. With a creamy body and a moderately dry finish, this beer is still complex enough to be interesting yet is fantastically sessionable.

Goose Island IPA, 19.5ltr

Modern American take on traditional English IPA

Innis & Gunn Lager, 50ltr

With a nose of freshly mown grass and clean grapefruit and made with I&G ale malt, goldings, styrian goldings hops

Kaltenberg Hell, 50ltr

German helles style lager

Konig Ludwig, 30ltr

From the Konig Ludwig brewery in Bavaria, Germany

Kozel, 50ltr

Produced 25km from Prague since 1874

Lowenbrau, 50ltr

From a brewery that can be traced back to 1383

Meantime London Lager, 50ltr

Brewery founded in Greenwich, London in the year 2000

Meantime London Pale Ale, 50ltr

Brewery founded in Greenwich, London in the year 2000

Meantime Yakima Red, 30ltr

Brewery founded in Greenwich, London in the year 2000

Murphy's Irish Stout, 50ltr

The perrenial underdog against Guinness

Oranjeboom, 50ltr

A clear, golden coloured beer with a noble hop aroma

Pilsner Urquell, 30ltr

Classic Czech Pilsner

Pimms No1, 50ltr

Can you imagine lazing on a summer’s afternoon without your pimm’s in hand? we think not so let’s raise a toast to pimm’s no 1 the classic english summer drink. traditionally served 3:1 with freshly made lemonade, cucumber, mint and strawberries, pimm’s has a rich and fruity taste which simply screams summer. english through and through pimm’s no 1 was invented in the city of london and spicy undertones lift the naturally fruitiness even further.

Pistonhead Kustom Lager, 30ltr

Swedish lager made with German hops

Rekorderlig Dry Apple, 30lt

Powerful and full-bodied red with aromas of cassis, blackberry, cedar, spice and coffee. On the palate flavours of blackberry, chocolate and spice dominate with notes of vanilla and smoke. A long finish both layered and complex.

Sagres, 50ltr

Portuguese beer first made in 1940

Sharps Orchard, 50ltr

Made in conjunction with Sheppy's cider, a family-run farm in Somerset with a long-standing reputation for high quality cider. Using only the finest west country cider apples, our cider is fermented and matured in traditioanl Oak vats for an excetionally clean, natural, refreshing apple flavour.

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