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Funkin Mojito, 1ltr

Funkin mojito cocktail mixer uses persian limes from Mexico, mint and sugar

Funkin Pina Colada Mix, 1ltr

Funkin pina colada cocktail mixer is a creamy blend of cocnut and cayenne pineapples best served with white rum

Funkin Pomegranate, 1kg

Funkin pomegranate puree, great for a twist on your favourite drink

Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri, 1ltr

Made using Polish and Spanish strawberies and Persian limes from Mexico

Funkin Sugar Cane Syrup, 70cl

Funkin Sugar Cane is a thick syrup which naturally sweetens your drink and is an essential base for many cocktails such as the classic Mango Daiquiri, Hendricks Collins and the Cherry Martini cocktails. Sugar cane syrup is a staple cocktail ingredient for any bar or home cocktail maker.

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