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Imaginaria Rhubarb & Custard Gin Liqueur, 50cl

The blissful marriage of Rhubarb and custard stands the test of time, passed from generation to generation. This finely balanced flavour combination of soft mellow custard with sweet and tangy rhubarb will have you thinking about lazy Sunday afternoons in the summer...To be enjoyed and savoured.

Imaginaria Sweet Parma Violet Gin, 50cl

This Sweet Parma Violet creation will take you back to long summers, picnics and days in the park. Enjoy neat over ice, or mixed with your favourite tonic, soda or lemonade.

Imaginaria Unicorn Dream Gin Liqueur, 50cl

One taste of this harmonious blend of premium gin and vanilla-marshmallow essences will have you questioning if you are dreaming! But rest assured… it’s as real as unicorns themselves.

Bristol Syrup Company Raspberry, 75cl

Bristol Syrup Company Raspberry has the complexity and bright fresh acidity that you’d expect from fresh raspberries.

Bristol Syrup Company Vanilla, 75cl

Bristol Syrup Company Vanilla syrup is smooth and indulgent with natural floral notes. Vanilla is a classic and delicate flavour derived from vanilla orchids. Real vanilla is used to give this syrup a delicious, authentic flavour.

Bristol Syrup Company Cherry & Vanilla, 75cl

Sweet and fruity, a classic combination that makes many great cocktails. This syrup is rich and deep with ripe black cherry notes rounded out with the flavour of floral sweet vanilla.

Bristol Syrup Company Coconut, 75cl

Coconut is a combination of sweet, juicy coconut flesh and the salty minerality of fresh coconut water.

Bristol Syrup Company Demerara, 75cl

Bristol Syrup Company Demerara is made with real Barbados sugar and adds depth and complexity as well as sweetness.

Bristol Syrup Company Elderflower, 75cl

Bristol Syrup Elderflower Syrup is super floral, with slight lemon citrus and a hint of grapefruit zest.

Bristol Syrup Company Falernum, 75cl

Falernum is a spiced lime cordial from Bermuda, traditionally served in a Rum Swizzle. You’ll taste the zing of lime, coupled with the subtle flavour of cinnamon and cloves.

Bristol Syrup Company Fruit Cup, 75cl

Quintessentially British, this flavour-packed syrup will make many wonderful summertime garden party classics. Our take on the classic fruit cup is packed full of red fruits, deep citrus and cucumber notes.

Bristol Syrup Company Grenadine, 75cl

BSC Grenadine is an absolute speed rail staple, with bold fruit flavours and a touch of orange flower for brightness.

Bristol Syrup Company Orgeat, 75cl

Coconut is a combination of sweet, juicy coconut flesh and the salty minerality of fresh coconut water.

Bristol Syrup Company Passionfruit, 75cl

Bristol Syrup Passionfruit has a deep hit of real fruit and a good balance of acidity to give an authentic ripe passionfruit taste to cocktails.

Bristol Syrup Company Pineapple & Coconut, 75cl

Sweet pineapple is complemented and mellowed by tropical coconut. This exotic flavour combination is best suited to its natural bedfellow rum.

Bristol Syrup Company Raspberry Shrub, 75cl

Raspberry Shrub is a twist on a classic raspberry syrup; we’ve taken bright fresh raspberry notes and made them sharper still with the addition of vinegar.

Bristol Syrup Company Strawberry Shrub, 75cl

Bristol Syrup Company Strawberry Shrub balances juicy, jammy strawberry with cider and apple balsamic vinegar and a hint of black pepper to create a deep complex flavour.

Bristol Syrup Company Watermelon, 75cl

BSC watermelon syrup is delightfully juicy and refreshing. Made with real watermelon juice, it lends itself to delicious non-alcoholic options or pairs beautifully with gin.

Hundred Fifty LBS, 70CL

Named after the size of sacks used to originally import coffee beans from El Salvador and Cameroon, Hundred Fifty Lbs is a cold-brew-coffee liqueur. With an excellent balance between bitter and sweet flavours, this can be used instead of sweet vermouth in a Negroni or simply on the rocks.

Graham's Blend No 5 White Port, 50cl

The first-ever Port to be specifically designed for bartenders & mixing. Blend Nº5 is lighter, fresher, crisper and more aromatic than any other White Port on the market.


Made using East Anglian wheat and with the final distillation through an ancient copper pot still, Element 29 is unfiltered resulting in a creamy vodka with notes of cereal and citrus. This eco-pouch refill system allows you to replenish any empty Element 29 Vodka you have, saving money and wastage. Each pouch is the equivalent to 6 bottles.


Fantastic value for money, Boxer is a classic London dry gin with a great spirit base and a secondary distillate of juniper from the Himalayas, plus freshly squeezed bergamot oil. This eco-pouch refill system allows you to replenish any empty Boxer Gin bottles you have, saving money and wastage. Each pouch is the equivalent to 6 bottles.


Rich aromas of melon and peach with hints of butter and toast. Well-integrated oak balances with tropical fruit leads to a freshness on the palate.

Chapel Down Bacchus Sparkling, 75cl

Chapel Down Sparkling Bacchus 2018 is characterised by aromas of pineapple, grapefruit and elderflower. The palate is tropical and floral with a crisp texture and a refreshing finish.

Jameson Caskmates Fourpure Limited Edition, 70cl

Jameson Caskmates has extended its range. The whiskey has been finished in Shapeshifter West Coast IPA seasoned barrels producing a flavour of tropical fruits, sweet clementine and hops.

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