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Fair Coffee, 35cl

Fair coffee liqueur is most famous for using coffee beans grown by fairtrade farmers and sugar cane produced by fair trader farmers too. its name is the clue and its flavour is rich and warming. you can be proud in the knowledge you’re drinking the world’s first fairtrade certified organic coffee liqueur and enjoy a flavour which is just like freshly roasted coffee with a little fudge and nutty depth, the alcohol heat just there but firmly in the background. a little bitter coffee and chocolate come through in the finish, rounding it off perfectly.

Galliano Ristretto Coffee, 50cl

Galliano ristretto coffee is another classically flavoured liqueur from the famous italian producers. deliciously intense and rich with roasted coffee flavours, galliano ristretto coffee brings together an array of different coffee types. a combination of bitter indian, brazilian, colombian and kenyan coffee beans are brought together to create the perfect blend for a temptingly tasty liqueur. enjoy on its own or add to a creative cocktail or dessert.

Illy Espresso, 70cl

Illy espresso liqueur brings together the wonderful flavour of the genuine 100% arabica coffee beans used by illy and a neutral alcohol base. the two ingredients combine beautifully and create a bittersweet flavour which is moreish and muLtridimensional. its contemporary style and deep freshly brewed espresso flavour make it wonderful for adding to desserts, simply enjoying chilled or pouring over ice. it’s also a wonderful choice for a wide range of coffee flavoured cocktails.

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