Héloïse-Lloris 1996, 75CL

Héloïse-Lloris Tête de Cuvée 1996 Vintage Champagne is finished in 24k Gold handmade in England to prevent light and temperature damage to the wine, mirroring cellar conditions. After being aged for more than 23 years, this champagne is of a quality that only comes twice in a century and has been considered unmatched since 1928 and as a result, this Champagne has one of the longest ageing potentials that there can be. Héloïse-Lloris represents both love and victory, named after a beautiful French scholar and romantic writer born in 1101 who was best known for her intelligence, creativity and lover affair that created one of the most famous love stories in French history. Lloris derives from the Latin name 'Laurel Tree' used to symbolise victory and honour.
Style Champagne
Country France
Bottle Size 75CL
ABV 12%
Product Code 7996